2019 – Another Record Breaker?

2019 is already shaping up to be a Happy New Year for Good Call Media.

In 2018 our company broke all its previous growth records for the 10 years we have been operating and, without tempting fate of course, the next 12 months is already promising further success with a strong pipeline of work from our existing customers and a string of assignments from new clients.

We have just produced a fast turn around video trailer for the World Veterinary Association (WVA) 2019 Global Animal Welfare Awards which we will be hosting together with our major patron client, Ceva Santé Animale, the worldwide veterinary health giant that is now a €1 billion company operating in over 40 countries of the world. Good Call Media’s Co-owner, Nik Wood, hosted the highly successful 2017 and 2018 awards in Incheon, South Korea and Barcelona, Spain, respectively and will also be on stage to host the 2019 awards in Costa Rica at the WVA’s annual congress.

Click here to see the video

The project will also involves us filming in five different continents in early 2019, as we gather video assets from each of the winners of the Awards to be shown at the event.

In the UK, our new relationship with the Hall Hunter Partnership will see no less than 15 videos appearing in 2019 as we help the company deal with recruitment following whatever Brexit agreement is eventually signed, if one is signed, of course! The videos have been recorded in various different languages including Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and English and will be used throughout central Europe and the UK to show what working with he Hall Hunter Partnership is like.

We have so enjoyed working with Variety the Children’s Charity in Yorkshire in recent years and their use of video has become increasingly innovative, ranging from appeal videos, highlighting the amazing work they carry out with young people and their parents in the region, to light hearted videos to be shown at various awards ceremonies together with winners videos highlighting amazing work in the Yorkshire property and general business sectors.

We are therefore delighted to have started a new relationship with Variety in London where we partnered with the team on the recent Variety Catherine Awards. We have worked on various appeal videos with the London office but this was the first major event that we have covered and involved uploading winners videos and a general roundup video virtually as the Awards ended at the Marriott Hotel in Central London.

We will also be flying across ‘The Pond’ to New York to work alongside another major partner client, Volition RX, who are doing amazing work to pioneer the development of an accurate, cost effective technique of detecting and predicting a range of cancers using small samples of blood. We already work with Volition in the UK and from their impressive facility in Namur, Belgium, where they are analysing the results of trials held in various areas of the world.

We have worked with the quoted company, XP Power for several years, highlighting their excellent financial performance at interim and full results times during the financial year. That work has also expanded to the production of a series of videos aimed at recruitment in the UK and also the markets of the US and Asia where they manufacture and sell their products. We look forward to working on new assignments with them in 2019 as well as continuing to feature their financial results which are reported through their investors’ website and on further internal and external video reports for the XP group of companies.

Finally our media training capability is being used by more and more companies as they face up to the fact that 80% of all internet traffic will be video based by 2019. Food for thought for many people as we enter into an interesting New Year.

An early but very Happy New Year to you all.

New video highlights Dogs for Good work

Our major client, Ceva has continued its work in the area of human, animal interaction by sponsoring a series of high profile events staged by the UK-based organisation, Dogs for Good.
The ‘Power of Dogs’ events were held at various UK locations and included a series of inspirational speakers giving different insights into the behaviour of dogs and all that they bring to us as humans. Good Call Media were there to film one of the events.
The talks were chaired by Peter Gorbing, the Chief Executive of Dogs for Good, a board member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) and founder director of Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII), the international umbrella organisation for practitioners in the field of AAI. 

Dogs for Good is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of  both assistance dog training and AAI through its Community Dog programme, training therapy dogs to work with dedicated handlers and healthcare professionals in a range of community settings.  
Speaking at the ‘Power of Dogs’ event at the Royal College of Physicians in London, Martin Mitchell, Ceva’s Director of Group Communications, said :”We have been working with Dogs for Good for over a year now and the work they do is absolutely incredible.”
Part of Ceva’s sponsorship agreement with Dogs for Good is also being used to pull together all of the information that the charity has about dogs and their wellbeing.
“We have lots of information we share with our clients across all of our services, but  the information was not collated in a any formal way or in very useable formats said CEO Peter Gorbing. 
“We have now produced over 100 really useful bits of information all about dogs, dog care, building a bond with your dog and other information that will create a fantastic library. This will be really good for Dogs for Good clients in the short term, but longer term we are in discussion with Ceva about how we might bring that to the wider public as this will probably be the best library material about dogs that we have ever seen.”



Variety Catherine Awards – Winners

We are delighted to list the winners of this year’s Variety Catherine Awards who were honoured at an amazing ceremony in central London.

Good Call Media was there and filmed each of the winners as they came off stage. The videos were then uploaded to You Tube and shared with the audience, sponsors and, of course, the winners themselves, the morning after the event, leading to a much bigger engagement with Variety the Children’s Charity and the fantastic work they carry out to help young people and their parents who often face huge challenges in life.

To see each of the winners’ videos simply click on their name in the list below

Rising Star Award

  • Name: Temi Mwale
  • Organisation: The 4Front Project

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Name: Lara Bywater
  • Organisation: LDC Care Company

Finance and Banking Award

  • Name: Anne Boden MBE
  • Organisation: Starling Bank

Professional Services Award

  • Name: Tracey Groves
  • Organisation: Intelligent Ethics

Science and Technology Award

  • Name: Kate Burns
  • Organisation: Hambro Perks

Retail and Fashion Award

  • Name: Charlotte Tilbury
  • Organisation: Charlotte Tilbury

Inspirational Award

  • Name: Camilla Marcus-Dew
  • Organisation: The Soap Co.

Creative Industries Award

  • Name: Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE
  • Organisation: Chineke! Foundation

Women’s Empowerment in the Workplace Award

  • Organisation: Beyond
  • Organisation: The Typeface Group

Sports Industries Award

  • Name: Julia Immonen
  • Organisation: Justice and Care

Variety Catherine Awards – Oh What A Night!

The Variety Catherine Awards were a fantastic success.

Good Call Media recorded videos with all the winners immediately after they received their ‘gongs’ on stage after setting up a social mini-studio next to the ballroom at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, the venue for the glittering event.

Leading women in business and philanthropy were celebrated and recognised as winners of the Variety Catherine Awards including; former MI5 boss Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller; beauty entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury MBE; Chief Executive of Starling Bank, Anne Boden MBE; and Temi Mwale of The 4Front Project.

Here is our roundup highlighting the main aspects of the night

Keep a lookout for our next post which will highlight the winners interviews and also the work that they carry out that helped to attract the attention of the Variety judges.




Jon Culshaw on Eammon Holmes

We had a good laugh while filming the results of this year’s Variety Catherine Awards at a glittering event in central London

We were interviewing one of our heroes, the superb mimic and comedian, Jon Culshaw of ‘Dead Ringers’ fame to name just one programme he’s involved with, when we had a bit of a laugh over a fellow ‘celeb’, presenter, Eamonn Holmes, who was running a few minutes late and this happened!

We went on to have a fantastic evening at the Awards and you will be able to see links to all the winner videos coming through this week – all the videos were posted immediately after the Event but we’re just too busy to post them here right now!

Our Video Trailers For Events – Growing In Popularity


Our video trailers are proving to be a big hit with our clients.

The dynamic short videos are being used on social media channels to publicise forthcoming events such as awards ceremonies and they are a perfect way to generate more interest in projects.

Our latest video on YouTube is for the 2019 Global Animal Welfare Awards being staged by the World Veterinary Association supported by our major client, Ceva. The video features previous winners from the 2017 awards when Good Call Media filmed in four different continents to feature the winners of the Awards. Our own, Nik Wood, also hosted the Awards in Barcelona, Spain and will host the 2019 Awards in Costa Rica.

We have also produced video trailers for one of our other clients, Variety the Children’s Charity including the forthcoming Yorkshire Business Awards that will be held in early December and raise valuable funds for the charity’s amazing work in Yorkshire.

If you want to discuss making a trailer or covering your event, give us a call or pop us an email – full contact details are on this website.



Budapest Assignment

Our latest project has taken us to the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary,  where we have carried out an assignment for one of our biggest clients.

The location was Ceva Phylaxia, a major campus for Ceva Sante Animale and the programme involved a series of interviews with people taking part in the ‘We Share’ programme which has been rolled out in many of Ceva’s worldwide networks.

Ceva Phylaxia’s new facility in Budapest, Hungary

Over 4000 Ceva personnel took part in the company’s biggest global engagement and satisfaction survey in
2017 and this has been followed up in 80% of Ceva’s offices by workshops under the ‘We Share’ banner to determine actions and activities that will take place as a result.

The official opening of the new facility

Good Call Media’s team, together with Ceva’s Group Communications Director, Martin Mitchell, travelled to the HQ of Ceva Phylaxia in Budapest to film a series of interviews with people who have taken part in the ‘We Share’ workshops and also to record case study accounts of people who have been developed within Ceva.

The interviews will be used to further improve the employee engagement programme and will be repeated in other offices as and when we visit.

The origins of Ceva Phylaxia go back as far as 1912, when János Köves established Phylaxia Vaccine Production Co. His aim was to develop and produce a serum to protect the numerous swine population of the region against a severe outbreak of swine fever. This was the beginning of a tradition of prominent research, bringing solutions to livestock producers to help them in their fight against major diseases.

Famous Hungarian scientists such as József Marek, Aladár Aujeszky, Domokos Derzsy and Adorján Bartha, names that are familiar to veterinarians worldwide, have been closely associated with the development of the company.

Ever since, the company’s work has been closely and intimately tied up with biological research and development.


Prague Project For Hi-Tech Giant

We worked on a series of ground-breaking videos for the multi-national company JEOL in 2017 and we have now been appointed for a further filming programme in 2018.

Prague is the location for the start of our latest JEOL project

JEOL’s NMR capability is expanding in Europe

The project will begin in Prague, Czech Republic, in mid-November, with the installation of one of JEOL’s latest NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) facilities. Details of the project are being kept quiet currently but we will be there to film the launch in Prague and all will be revealed soon after the event.

Our 2017 project involved a series of films depicting JEOL’s push in their NMR arena in Europe but also
filming at the company’s HQ in Japan and at various subsidiary facilities in different parts of the country.

JEOL’s new JNM-ECZ High field NMR series is booming.  Recent installations of 400 MHz, 500 MHz and 600 MHz for liquid experiments, but also for solids is proving the excellent performance of these systems.  With old magnets and new probes making it possible to do 3 channel experiments on a two channel spectrometer JEOL is showing the way to modern NMR systems at lower cost of ownership.

Improvement of JEOL’s application centre in UK together with the any installations, the company can now  demonstrate the wide range of system configurations.

Latest Video Reports For New York Stock Exchange Quoted VolitionRX

We have produced a series of new video reports for our client Volition, as they continue their journey towards developing simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective blood tests designed to help diagnose a range of cancers.

Professor Chiu

The company has just released its 3rd quarter results for 2018 and the video we recorded has been broadcast through various channels including the independent Edison Investment Research – click here to see the report.

We have also interviewed Professor Hn-Mo Chiu, Clinical Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University who has been working with Volition. The interview took place during Professor Chiu’s recent visit to the Volition facility in Namur, Belgium.

You can see the interview by clicking here

Volition is a multinational life sciences company. Its tests are based on the technology platform of Nucleosomics, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluid – an indication that disease is present.

As cancer-screening programmes become more widespread, Volition’s products aim to help diagnose a range of cancers quickly, simply, accurately and cost effectively. Early diagnosis has the potential to not only prolong the life of patients, but also to improve their quality of life.

Volition intends to expand the application of its technology beyond cancer by exploring other disease applications. The company’s research and development activities are currently centered in Belgium, with additional offices in London, Texas and Singapore, as it focuses on bringing its diagnostic products to market first in Europe, then in the US and, ultimately, worldwide.

CEO Cameron Reynolds interviewed

The Volition team outside the company’s state of the art facility in Namur, Belgium

Highlighting the company’s latest results, Cameron Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volition, said, “We have had numerous highlights this quarter, with good progress being made on many fronts demonstrating the diverse nature of our platform technology. From a financial perspective I am delighted that we have strengthened the balance sheet in three ways: most importantly with completion of a private placement (PIPE) of shares of common stock and a warrant with an existing accredited investor resulting in gross proceeds of $9 million (excluding any proceeds from the exercise of the warrant); securing an additional $700,000 in non-dilutive funding from the Walloon Regional Government; and most recently, the exercise of outstanding warrants that provided approximately $717,000 in additional funds to the Company.”

Mr. Reynolds commented, “The first Research Use Only kit was launched in August and we expect to add to the range of kits by the end of 2018. I am delighted to announce that these kits have been sold to several research groups and companies already, affording Volition its first potential revenue from the Nu.QTM platform. Our research and development team in Belgium are hard at work on the significant task of turning our assays into robust products that can be used worldwide. This development work will be key to our future success and is now very much bearing fruit. We are also fortunate to be working with institutions and individuals who have world-renowned reputations. We were delighted to welcome Professor Han-Mo Chiu of National Taiwan University, Principal Investigator of our Pan-Asian colorectal cancer studies, to our facility in Belgium this quarter.”

Third Quarter 2018 and Recent Company Highlights

  • Released encouraging preliminary data from a prospective, multi-centered Proof of Concept Study into the utility of Volition’s Nu.Q™ assays to diagnose men with high-grade prostate cancers. At 88% specificity, the Volition assays (including PSA) identified 94% of high-grade prostate cancers that require treatment.
  • Signed agreements to conduct two large-scale colorectal cancer research studies across the Asia Pacific region in collaboration with the National Taiwan University.

– The first study will comprise 5,000 asymptomatic colorectal cancer screening subjects, and the second trial will include up to 2,000 symptomatic colorectal cancer patients. 
– These studies are being conducted to test and validate Volition’s proprietary Nu.Q™ platform for the detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer for marketing, rather than for regulatory purposes. 
– The studies will cost approximately $2.55 million payable over three years and should assist product development in Asia in 2019.

  • Launched and achieved sales of the Nu.Q™ Total assay kit, the first of our range of Research Use Only kits through our exclusive global distributor, Active Motif. We expect to add further products for Research Use Only during the balance of 2018, building through next year and beyond.
  • Commenced work on the Bonn27 study: this 4,500-patient cohort has been collected by the University of Bonn, Germany, and includes patients with 27 of the most prevalent cancers.
  • Started proof of concept work in one of our non-cancer disease areas, namely: endometriosis. This study is in collaboration with the University of Oxford, which has completed a collection of 350 patient samples over the last three years.
  • Expanded our Nu.QTM trials into veterinary diagnostics following very encouraging preliminary results from initial proof of concept studies in dogs and more recently horses. We announced a pilot study collaboration with Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences as a first step toward developing a product commercialization strategy.

Filming the Catherine Awards

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be applying our fast turnaround video concept to the prestigious Variety Catherine Awards.

Following our hugely successful work on the night of the Variety 2018 Yorkshire Residential Property Awards, we are going to be working alongside the charity’s social media and communications team on the night of the Catherine Awards at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Place, London on 13 November 2018.

We will be interviewing each winner as they leave the stage and then posting onto social media to help achieve maximum exposure for the winners, sponsors and, of course Variety.

Founded in 2016 by Variety, the Children’s Charity and 2016 Chief Barker Pamela Sinclair, Variety Catherine
Awards is setting a new standard for recognising the myriad contributions from women in business and philanthropy while raising awareness and funds for disabled and disadvantaged children throughout the UK.

A Committee of dedicated volunteers from several business sectors have come together to help lead this increasingly dynamic project. Thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment the Variety Catherine Awards is fast becoming an important date in the diaries of many women in business across the country.

Here’s a list of this year’s categories:

Awards for Individuals

Rising Star Award: This award is open to women who are making a difference in their chosen field and are the ‘women to watch’ for the future. The winner could come from any area of business and can be an owner or manager in a company. We are looking for the next generation of inspirational professionals.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: This award recognises women who have ‘done it their way’ by founding and running their own company and have worked to achieve significant results in their chosen field.

Finance and Banking Award: This is a category for women who have shown outstanding success in the finance and banking sector. The judges will be looking for evidence of the highest level skills and achievements in their field, anywhere from personal, business or public finance and banking.

Professional Services Award: This award will go to a woman who excels in professional services sector. You could be an accountant, lawyer or chartered surveyor, or other areas of professional services. Whatever your profession, judges will be looking at evidence on how you have overcome the challenges of your job and how your achievements are contributing to the success and growth of your company. You could be a sole practitioner or working for an international company.

Creative Industries Award: This award reflects and acknowledges Variety’s historic links with show business while also acknowledging the evolution of entertainment, the arts and design into a cross disciplinary industry. The Catherine Awards wants to recognise the success of women across entertainment whether in film, TV, theatre, design, arts, photography, architecture, advertising and marketing, music, video gaming, or publishing. This award will celebrate innovation and seek out women who have made significant impact either for their clients or on any part of the Creative Industries in general.

Science and Technology Award: We are looking for a woman who has succeeded in the world of science, engineering and technology. You could be on the first rung of the ladder or leading a team. Show us how you have grown and inspired others.

Retail and Fashion Award: The judges will be looking for an inspirational woman anywhere from the high street to couture fashion business or retail sector in general. A winner could be running a business or a team, in traditional or on-line retail.

Inspirational Award: This category is for a woman who has acted as a role model in their chosen profession both inside and outside their organisation. The entry needs to demonstrate business, social and philanthropic success which could be coming from any type of business; non-profit or public sector. The award will go to a well-rounded individual who can demonstrate that there is a life after work.

Sports Industries Award: We are looking for a woman who has succeeded or inspired those in the sporting field be it journalist, athlete, coach or manager. This award will go to a woman who excels and delivered success.

Award for Organisations

Women’s Empowerment in the Workplace Award: We are looking for an organisation that has shown an outstanding contribution to harnessing women’s potential in the workforce and taking a lead to highlight the business case for diversity.