Veterinary College of the Year Award

In the final or our series of video reports that we prepared for the World Veterinary Association’s 2020 Global Welfare Awards, supported by Ceva, we highlight the Veterinary College of the Year Award.

This went to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the world’s leading centres for animal welfare research. Our image shows Professor Cathy Dwyer Choi received the Award on behalf of the college.

We were also proud to be at the award ceremony, staged by Martin Mitchell, the Group Director of Communications with Ceva Animal Health.

Student Veterinarian of the Year

In the latest of our series of films that we made to celebrate the 2020 World Veterinary Association Global Animal Welfare Awards, supported by Ceva Animal Health, we bring you the story of Maya Cygańska.

Maya, from Poland, was named as Student Veterinarian of the Year in the prestigious awards and we were able to film her story and the presentation of her medal at a ceremony close to WVA headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


Volition Veterinary – Key Opinion Leaders Round Table

Volition Veterinary used our video to illustrate this Key Opinion Leader event

To see the video click here

Volition Veterinary also presented two abstracts relating to its first product, the Nu.Q™ Vet Cancer Screening Test, at the 2020 Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) Virtual Annual Conference.

The first abstract was “Characterizing Circulating Nucleosomes in the Plasma of Dogs with Lymphoma,” and the second abstract, dealt with “Characterizing Circulating Nucleosomes in the Plasma of Dogs with Hemangiosarcoma”.

Volition is proud to sponsor the 2020 VCS Virtual Annual Conference and will be providing more information about the veterinary applications of its Nucleosomics™ technology for early detection of cancer and other diseases from a virtual exhibition booth at the event.

XP Power – interim results 2020

We highlight XP Power’s financial results each year – take a look at the latest interim results video to see the quality of the film that we produced for their 2020 interim results.

Click here to see the report


Nigerian location for our latest video

We found ourselves filming in the heart of Ibadan, Nigeria for the latest video in the 2020 World Veterinary Association Global Welfare Awards, supported by Ceva Animal Health.

We took our cameras to the country’s main veterinary college to film the amazing story of vet technician Paul Oluwadare, who was the winner of an award for going ‘above and beyond’ in the field of animal welfare over the previous 12 months.

See his remarkable story here:

Our films support Hall Hunter Partnership

Our videos for the Hall Hunter Partnership are helping to bring their new website alive.

Just take a look at their stunning new web design by clicking here

From humble beginnings, when were were asked to produce a simple short film, highlighting the work of one of Britain’s leading soft fruit growers, who supply most of the UK’s leading supermarkets, including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s…we are now partnering with them on everything from recruitment videos to supermarket presentations.

Open Farm Sunday is another area where we have helped their business to promote their role in the local community and recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we featured some of the new UK pickers who had joined the business while on the furlough scheme.

Hall Hunter is a family owned business and has a much respected role in their local communities, working alongside schools and charities to ensure that they operate a sustainable corporate social responsibility programme in the areas where their farms are situated and beyond.


Sri Lanka Award winner features on BBC

Congratulations to Sri Lankan veterinarian, Dr. Tharanga Thoradeniya for being asked to feature on the BBC’s World Service after they saw her featured in one of our latest videos.

Dr. Thoradeniya was named as one of the winners of the 2020 World Veterinary Association Global Animal Welfare Awards, supported by our clients, Ceva Animal Health.

The Awards celebrate veterinarians, veterinary technicians, student and vet colleges from around the world for going ‘above and beyond’ in the field of animal welfare over the previous 12 months.

After the video we made in Sri Lanka, went live on social media this week, Dr. Thoradeniya was contacted by a correspondent from the BBC’s World Service, asking to feature open their news programmes. We look forward to hearing her interview but if you would like to see her in action:

Click here to see our video report:

Australian veterinarian scoops 2020 Global Welfare Award

Professor Paul McGreevy shortly after receiving his medal at the University of Sydney

Congratulations to Professor Paul McGreevy who is the Australian winner of a 2020 World Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Award, supported by our clients, Ceva Animal Health.

We filmed Paul at his beautiful Hunter Valley home in New South Wales, Australia, for this year’s awards. The filming was completed before the Covid-19 lockdowns were introduced and this Autumn we put together a dynamic online awards ceremony which highlighted all the winners of the 2020 Awards.

Paul is one of Australia’s leading veterinarians and advises many different groups including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Australia). He has been working with the group on the use of the whip in Australian horse racing. Horses are close to Paul’s heart and during our visit to the Hunter Valley we were able to film him with several of his own horses and use our drone camera to capture him on horseback in his own dressage arena which is on his homestead plot.

Here’s the film we made in Australia:

New Podcast

Our podcasts are proving popular and illustrate another dimension to our business.

Our roots in broadcasting for BBC Radio and Television mean we are experienced interviewers and it’s been great to get to some long format broadcasting on a variety of different subjects.


Our latest podcast highlights previous winners of the World Veterinary Association Global Welfare Awards to tie in with this year’s event. As you will see from this website, we are running a series of video reports highlighting the winners of the 2020 awards.

You can access the Ceva Sounds podcasts on any of your normal podcast platforms or simply:

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Volition RX – Capital Markets Day video

We helped our client Volition RX, a multi-national epigenetics company developing simple, easy to use, cost effective blood tests to help diagnose a range of cancers and other diseases in both humans and animals, to stage their Capital Markets Day by generating a dynamic video presentation.

To see the video, click here

Volition CEO, Cameron Reynolds at the Wall Street Stock Exchange

The presentation focused on new data and the launch and commercial roll out of the company’s first product, the Nu.Q™ Vet Cancer Screening Test, which is on target for a launch this year. The presentation also provided an update on recent developments and Volition’s activities, including new and ongoing clinical trials in blood cancer.

Commenting on the event Cameron Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volition said, “We were delighted to host a busy virtual capital markets event yesterday and would like to thank all of those that joined the event live. This is an exciting time for the company as we prepare for the launch of the Nu.Q™ Vet Cancer Screening Test later this year. I am equally delighted to share a video of the presentation and Analyst Question and Answer session so that those unable to attend can view in their own time.”

We have been partnering with Volition for several years and work with them to produce their regular financial results.