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What A Year!

As 2021 draws to a close, we have been reflecting on a momentous year and how better to illustrate this than sharing our video review of the year – so here it is: We hope you all have a great year in 2022!  

Our Help With Innovative New Test

When our leading client, the global veterinary health company, Ceva Animal Health (Ceva Santé Animale), wanted to publicise a revolutionary new method of testing for a serious disease in animals and humans, they came to us for help on the video front. We also produced a series of shorter videos to support the launch throughout […]

Fashion brand wanted innovative training

How do you train staff around the world when budgets are tight and travel restrictions are in place? One of our most recent films (we can’t show you it because the work was confidential) instructing trainers how to teach a course did just that.  From filming a two day pilot training course in London, we were […]

Volition’s Amazing Year Continues – Financial Results

Our client Volition RX, quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, has had an amazing year in 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic. As our interview on their quarterly financial results showed, the company has been making positive headway on the development of its tests for cancers in humans and animals: See the financial interview here: “We have […]

We are at the London Vet Show 2021

The 2021 London Vet Show – staged live at ExCel, London, was a huge success this year and Good Call Media was at the event. See our video report below for further details on why we attended the event but the organisers summed the whole thing up on their website: “We knew that the buzz […]

Working with JEOL again

We were delighted to be contacted again by JEOL, the Japanese-owned global group, which is involved in cutting edge science and technology to spotlight their latest project in front of the international Euromar convention. We travelled to Japan to film at the company’s various facilities after we were first introduced to JEOL, which is a leading […]

Nordic Therapy Dogs video

We faced all kinds of challenges when we undertook one of the latest video projects for our major client, Ceva Santé Animale, the global veterinary health organisation. Ceva had sponsored the prestigious Uppsala Health Summit in Sweden and had also commissioned a study on the use of therapy dogs in Swedish schools showing that not only does […]

Was Jerry Maguire right after all?

Those who remember the classic movie Jerry Maguire will know the meaning of the quote:”It was only a mission statement” and the potential pitfalls of creating such a promise. With the 15th year of our business fast approaching, we remember nervously drawing up our own mantra for our new company when we launched back in 2007 […]


We acquired AquaSpira as a brand new client in 2021 and they are just the sort of business that the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference are trying to promote as they make a significant contribution to carbon reduction in the field where they operate. Our first assignment with the business was to produce a fast-moving […]

XP Power 2021 interim results

We continue to partner with XP Power on a series of projects including the broadcast of their annual and interim financial results. Click on the image to see the latest financial video we made for them: