Entries by Nik Wood

New Product Video for SAFTA

SST has developed and continues to develop products to combat the increasing losses being incurred by airlines and a broad range of transport sectors due to theft and fraud. We have already produced an overview video for the company, used prominently on their website, and they have now just commissioned Good Call Media to produce a […]

Powerful Employee Case Studies

We have worked with XP Power for a number of years, starting with ‘as live’ interviews with senior directors highlighting their bi-annual financial results. The company wanted to take our involvement a step further. As part of their move to attract the very best candidates to work with their teams, Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona […]

Attachment Theory Research

Working with our partners, worldwide veterinary health company, Ceva Animal Health, we have been highlighting fascinating new research into the attachment theory between children and young people and their companion animals. Many experts agree that companion animals can be beneficial to human wellbeing, and there is considerable anecdotal evidence to support this idea. High-quality, peer-reviewed […]

Company News Videos

Our New York Stock Exchange-quoted client, Volition RX, has mastered the art of making company announcements…using video. You can see a prime example of a key announcement from Volition Veterinary by clicking here. Heska’s Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test will operate on Heska’s proprietary Element i+® Immunodiagnostic Analyzer, a point-of-care platform which provides veterinarians […]

Australian Assistance Dogs Helping Heroes with PTSD

His work in Australia resulted in an invitation to our co-owner, Nik Wood, to meet Australia’s Governor General, at Government House in capital Canberra, together with a very special group of dogs! Nik met with His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley and Her Excellency, Linda Hurley, as part of a group from Integra Service Dogs […]

Building Team Spirit

We have had another great posting on Linked In from one of our innovative clients. SRE is one of the UK’s leading sustainability consultancies. The company is highly respected within the construction and renewable energy industries. Over 80% of its work is for return clients and they wanted to show the strength of their team through a […]

Video Explainer for SST

When Security Seal Technology wanted to explain their brand new product to the aviation industry,they chose Good Call Media to create a ‘video explainer’. Security Seal Technology Ltd is the first to explore and develop fully electronic auditable track and trace security for the airline, road, rail and retail sectors. From the research and development […]

New Global Awards Announced

We produced the dynamic video to announce the new World Veterinary Association’s (WVA) Global Veterinary Awards in partnership with our major client, Ceva Animal Health. Our video (see below) was shown at the WVA’s annual Congress in Taipei, Taiwan. Veterinary professionals play a critical role in protecting the welfare of animals and it was therefore […]

Filming New Multi Million Pound Facility

We’ve just completed filming the amazing new NBIF (National Buried Infrastructure Facility) at University of Birmingham, which is unique in the world and led to a very cool Linked In posting by Nikolaos Venetsaneas, who is Business Engagement Manager at the University. Just click on the logo below to see the post: Here’s what they said about us: Yesterday, […]

On Wall Street

  We hosted Volition RX’s Capital Markets Day in the New York Stock Exchange. Nik Wood hosted the video and the live event inside the Stock Exchange and Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona Molloy, was on camera for the session (which included a trip to the busy stock exchange trading floor) and also edited videos that […]