Entries by Nik Wood

New Global Awards Announced

We produced the dynamic video to announce the new World Veterinary Association’s (WVA) Global Veterinary Awards in partnership with our major client, Ceva Animal Health. Our video (see below) was shown at the WVA’s annual Congress in Taipei, Taiwan. Veterinary professionals play a critical role in protecting the welfare of animals and it was therefore […]

Filming New Multi Million Pound Facility

We’ve just completed filming the amazing new NBIF (National Buried Infrastructure Facility) at University of Birmingham, which is unique in the world and led to a very cool Linked In posting by Nikolaos Venetsaneas, who is Business Engagement Manager at the University. Just click on the logo below to see the post: Here’s what they said about us: Yesterday, […]

On Wall Street

  We hosted Volition RX’s Capital Markets Day in the New York Stock Exchange. Nik Wood hosted the video and the live event inside the Stock Exchange and Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona Molloy, was on camera for the session (which included a trip to the busy stock exchange trading floor) and also edited videos that […]

Video – a great way to promote recruitment

Ever since Covid, the competition for talent has got hotter and hotter, particularly in construction and the built environment. We are increasingly being asked to design videos to help with hiring and recruitment in various of these sectors, most recently for UK consultancy SRE. What started as Malcolm Maclean Consultancy producing energy and sustainability statements […]

Filming in Orlando, Florida for WVC 2023

Good Call Media was commissioned to cover the 2023 Western Veterinary Congress, in Orlando, Florida, the world’s largest vet show, for our fast-growing client, Volition Veterinary. Our video, produced at the event, highlights the latest news for Volition Veterinary, which has signed several significant deals in recent years.

Filming in Australia for moves to protect the iconic koala

  Good Call Media travelled to Queensland, Australian to film the latest moves to protect the endangered koala in the wild. The Ceva Wildlife Research Fund has made a donation to support the development of a new vaccine that is seen as a major breakthrough in protecting the iconic Australian koala population. The Australian federal […]

International veterinary students – work in the community

Good Call Media is promoting the growing relationship between the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) and the leading global veterinary health company, Ceva Animal Health. Ceva’s partnership with the IVSA has flourished thanks to our involvement with the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and their annual Global Welfare Awards, which we have hosted for five years. The WVA […]

Video recruitment – another big hit

The latest in our growing portfolio of companies working in the built environment commissioned us to produce a series of videos aimed at supporting their recruitment drive to attract the best talent. Potential recruits have been shown to engage in online video in much more detail than ‘passive’ visitors to video sites so they are a […]

Video highlighting Colombian award winner

We were sent some excellent video from a local camera crew in Colombia to illustrate that country’s winner of the 2022 World Veterinary Association’s Global Animal Welfare Awards 2022, supported by our client Ceva Animal Health. The project was a perfect example of how to use teamwork to bring a project to the mark despite […]

Danish winner changes the lives of laboratory animals

The latest in our series of videos highlighting the winners of the 2022 World Veterinary Association Global Welfare Awards, sponsored by our client, Ceva Animal Health, takes us to Copenhagen, Denmark and the work of a remarkable individual who has changed the welfare of laboratory animals for the better. Professor Axel Kornerup Hansen has been […]