New Wildlife Research Fund Video

Good Call Media travelled to Belgium to record an interview connected with the new Ceva Wildlife Research Fund for one of our major clients, Ceva Animal Health.

Since October 2021, Europe has been facing an epidemic of highly pathogenic avian influenza, considered to be the most destructive it has ever seen.

The endowment fund supports the Belgian animal park Pairi Daiza, named best zoo in Europe, by financing a vaccination program against the avian influenza threatening the park’s birds including wild pelicans and peacocks. This epidemic, caused by the H5N1 virus, affects both poultry and wild birds, leading to the death of several million birds and causing massive mortality in both wild populations and animal parks.

The pelican and peacock conservation program at the Pairi Daiza animal park is a prime example of concrete collaboration with a positive impact. The Ceva Wildlife Research Fund supports this project by financing vaccination campaigns and providing expertise and equipment. The Sciensano Institute, a national reference laboratory, contributes by ensuring the necessary serological and virological follow-up, as required by the Belgian authorities.