SRE demonstrate the power of case studies

Our brand new client SRE, a leading sustainability and energy consultancy for the built environment, wanted to show just how much their clients appreciated their work.

They already had text endorsements but when they planned their shiny new website, they wanted something really special and that’s where we came in. Working with some of their oldest and newest clients we created video case studies explaining just what it is that makes them different and how their innovation and ideas are really appreciated by the companies they partner with.

The case video case studies appear on SRE’s website front page

This quote, taken from one of the case study videos (see below), really illustrates the value of getting a video endorsement:

“We’ve been to many companies before SRE and this is the first company that truly understand what we do.”  Jack Eddy, Technical Director, Huf Haus. The famous
company was only too pleased to cooperate with us and invited us along, together with our cameras and our drone, to their impressive show house in Surrey where we interviewed their people and enjoyed filming the building itself.

And Olly Wood, Director, Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Architects, in his video, said: “I would highly recommend SRE.   I think they are a collaborative firm.  Often sustainability can be overlooked because it is a cost and SRE have always challenged that and put forward cost-effective solutions.” A longer film, highlighting SRE’s wider services, is now planned for the Autumn as the company develops its communications strategy after appreciating the value of our journalism-led approach to film making.

As we always say – it’s one thing having a a written testimonial from a customer…it’s a much bigger thing when they happily agree to appear in a video endorsement and it speaks volumes!

We look forward to working with them in the future.


Thanks to our amazing clients

We just want to say thanks to our amazing clients who have not only stood by us during the Covid-19 crisis but given us extra work that has resulted in a doubling of our business’s turnover.

We have been able to resume filming

We are, however, very much aware that many of our freelance colleagues have not been so lucky and so we are delighted that the UK Government has at last realised that smaller limited companies and self-employed people need assistance too at this difficult time.

We choose to run our own business because it’s what we love – but when we take holidays, no-one pays us, if we are sick, no-one pays us and if our clients choose to close down communications during a pandemic…no-one pays us and every piece of work we do is generated by ourselves! As our headline suggests, we have fantastic
forward-thinking clients who have become partners and friends over the years and they have not only continued to communicate during the crisis but, in many cases, chosen to increase their internal and external communications to ensure that their business will be in good shape once we come through this mess.

We were able to show that our online studio and ability to record interviews remotely were powerful tools to allow communications to continue in the current climate. Also, thanks to some careful re-engineering of our camera kit and microphones, we were able to resume filming relatively quickly while maintaining strict social distancing.

Watch out for examples of our clients carrying out some innovative work in partnership with us, coming up on this news blog but, for the time being, once again – THANKS