What Good Call Media Do

We believe in playing to our strengths. To be honest, we are equally at home in the complicated world of the global financial markets or filming at high speed on the slopes of Val d’isere but we tend to divide our business along these lines:


Whether you are a young company making your way on AIM (the Alternative Investment Market) or you are a Stock Exchange listed company, results matter. We help our clients to communicate their figures in a clear and timely manner through interviews with CEOs or financial directors that can be broadcast on results day and beyond.

These videos can help to celebrate success or explain the background behind a difficult year.

Some of our clients have also used us to communicate areas of their business that analysts often want to know more about and our work is often used by companies where there is a need to raise profile in front of potential investors.

Your Business

At one time, the ‘corporate video’ was a CD or DVD that lasted anything up to 30 minutes, or even longer and, as a result, often sat gathering dust in the marketing department’s bottom drawer!

Those days are over.You Tube, Vimeo, online TV, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and even Trip Advisor, all have one thing in common. They now have a facility to broadcast video content. So it’s possible to portray your company’s story in a variety of different ways and we help our clients do exactly that.


Live Events

It might be a conference, a sales meeting or a prestigious black tie awards ceremony attended by hundreds of people.

Our background in live television and radio means there’s very little that we don’t know about handling a live event. We leave the nuts and bolts to the audio-visual specialists but we can present the entire event, host on-stage Q&A sessions, create engaging video content to bring the event alive and record material on the day to use as communications collateral through social media and web sites.


We have a proven track record on the international scene. Throughout this site you will see examples of work we’ve carried out for clients in every corner of the world. Whether it’s in the tough retail markets of Shanghai, the tech campuses of California, the rural areas of Myanmar or the fantastic backdrop of Sydney Harbour, we help to bring a global story alive.

And, as always, we do this with budgets in mind. Our camera and edit gear is lightweight, everything goes in normal hand or hold luggage and we don’t incur heavy costs on either travel or subsistence, which makes even the most ambitious foreign assignment possible for even the most cost conscious companies.


We like to put something back.

Throughout or careers in journalism, we’ve witnessed some terrible hardships both in war zones and in the aftermath of a global economic meltdown. We realise that our skills can help organisations that rely on public or governmental financial support help others. Our stories can show donors exactly where their hard earned money is being spent and the changes they are helping to bring about for people who face tough challenges in life.

Our work alongside organisations such as Care International, the World Health Organisation, Build Africa and the UK-based charity Springboard, has helped to make a difference and we look forward to working with other charities and non-governmental organisations in all parts of the world.


We realise that some companies and organisations want to do more themselves in video production and also live events. So we have no problem in training in-house teams to shoot, edit and sometimes present their own material and who better to train those people than journalists with years of experience in conducting live and recorded interviews?

We also train individuals and teams to be more effective and interesting interviewees who are able to stay on message. However many people have told us that the experience they gain in front of the camera also helps them when presenting in front of other people, whether it’s a staff presentation, a major conference or a pitch to a potential customer. Our work with them has, they say, boosted their confidence in facing up to what, for some, can be one of the most stressful scenarios a business person has to face – a live audience.