Attracting New Recruits

Statistics show that as far as corporate online videos are concerned the highest levels of engagement (opening of videos and time watched) are from potential recruits to a company. Certainly at Good Call Media we are finding our clients are using video more and more to help them with their recruitment processes. It is an incredibly powerful way of informing and attracting appropriate talent and can be a way for companies to save money by recruiting themselves or providing agencies with a clearer insight into the way they work and their culture.

Our longstanding client, power convertor company XP Power, who has been successfully growing as a company for many years, asked Good Call Media to produce a film targeted at potential recruits. What is it like working for XP? What kind of culture exists at the company? Are there opportunities for development? Is it a fun and welcoming place to work? Will I be valued?

We interviewed employees at every level, right across the company and in the different departments; engineers, finance, IT, sales, customer service, HR and marketing. It provided a good understanding of the various roles, positions and benefits; helping XP to ensure they attract the best and most appropriate people.

The filming itself was great fun involving many members of the current team and XP were very happy with the end result as staff clearly expressed their commitment and respect for their company. To quote Andrew Carter their Northern European Sales Manager, “What makes this company an amazing company is the people that work very closely together. We’ve got an awesome amount of talent.” And XP’s Engineering Manager, “This is a really exciting company and there are terrific opportunities. We’re growing fast and it is a terrific place to build your career.”

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