New Work With Volition

We’ve been helping our clients, Volition, quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, with a flurry of interviews and announcements surrounding their activities on their own website and also on social media outlets.

We crafted a special video invitation in our own Green Screen studio to their event which ties in with the 9th Annual Biotech Showcase Conference being held from January 9-11, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. At the Biotech Showcase, Cameron Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of Volition, will provide an update on Volition’s business, clinical, regulatory and operational milestones, as well as the Company’s recently announced product launch of its Nu.QTM Colorectal Cancer Screening Triage Test.

We also interviewed Cameron Reynolds about the company’s latest set of results. Click here to see the latest videos.

Volition is a multi-national company developing simple, easy to use blood-based cancer tests to accurately diagnose a range of cancers. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream – an indication that cancer is present.

Volition has also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the National Taiwan University (“NTU”) to conduct two large colorectal cancer (CRC) research studies across the Asia Pacific Region, totaling approximately 7,000 patient samples. Subject to agreement on the terms and conditions, the Parties intend to sign a binding CRC Study Agreement in the first quarter of 2018.

“The signing of this MOU is a good start for Volition in the Asia Pacific Region” commented Dr. Jasmine Kway, Volition’s Vice President of Asia. “We are fortunate and delighted to be working with a renowned institution and Professor Han-Mo Chiu, a prominent thought leader. This large-scale study will be low cost in line with Volition’s other great value studies such as the 13,500-subject study in the U.S. and the ongoing 30,000-subject prospective study in Europe and demonstrates our commitment to conducting large trials worldwide to drive the acceptance of our products.”


One Health Day – videos go live

AnimalhealthEurope (formerly, IFAH) has gone live with our video roundup of their recent Congress in Brussels, which launched their new identity and strategy for the next five years and more video messages will be following on social media to tie in with today’s international One Health Day.

See the video by clicking here.

Good Call Media’s Nik Wood presents a comprehensive overview of the event and also interviews several key players, including the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis, who addressed the organisation’s gala dinner.

AnimahealthEurope’s 2017 conference explored solutions to turn the One Health vision into action. A central platform for the animal medicines industry, the One Health approach prioritises quality of life for people and animals and recognises that healthy animals mean healthy people and a healthier planet. Entitled “One Health: more than a buzzword? Animal health for society from vision to action” the conference, held on 12 October at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels, was solution-oriented. Speakers from industry, EU Institutions, academia and veterinary and public health bodies addressed an audience of some 120 stakeholders and looked to identify tangible steps that each must take in realising One Health improvements.

Setting the scene, the European Commission outlined the EU’s policy on One Health and its wide-reaching successes in terms of disease control. The World Organisation for Animal health (OIE) outlined the role of animal health within the One Health triad, highlighting the need for continued cooperation when it comes to disease preparedness at both European and global level. Several case studies presented served to illustrate the role of healthy animals beyond disease management, highlighting important societal impacts such as supporting food safety and sustainable food production, as well as the many social benefits of animal companionship. AranLIFE, a part EU-funded project, highlighted the role of healthy animals in maintaining biodiversity and the landscape, and how it supports the local economy. Two speakers from DG SANTE and DG AGRI detailed initiatives being taken by the European Commission to support the One Health vision.

The conference took place the day after AnimalhealthEurope revealed its new name and branding at a gala dinner in Brussels held to celebrate the organisation’s 30th anniversary.

Video Helps Raise 97 Grand!

We were delighted to receive a big thanks from Variety the  children’s charity in Yorkshire for helping them to raise a staggering £97,000 at this year’s Yorkshire Residential Property Awards.

Confirmation of the success came in a letter sent to us from Duncan Syers, the Chairman of Variety’s Yorkshire Region, who said:”Thank you so much for all of your help with the Awards. It’s safe to say that all the feedback we received relating to your films was very positive.

With your help we were able to raise a fantastic £97,000 and the means to proceed with the Variety Yorkshire Big Build in aid of Springwater Special School in Harrogate which I am sure you will agree, is an incredible outcome!”

Jonathan Morgan (left) receives the award from Gethin Jones

The Morgans team enjoying a big night at the Awards.

The awards are a celebration of Yorkshire’s residential property industry and were hosted by Welsh TV presenter Gethin Jones, formerly of Blue Peter. Morgans, the Yorkshire sales and rental company, accepted the Best Estate Agency award at this year’s event, held in the prestigious surroundings of Bowcliffe Hall in Bramham.  Morgan’s Managing Director, Jonathan Morgan was awarded the life-time achievement award at last years’ event and accepted the best agency award this year from Gethin Jones.

Jonathan said; ‘‘it was a massive honour for me to pick up the award last year but this was about the entire team and Nigel and I were absolutely delighted to accept the award on behalf of everyone at Morgans. We pride ourselves on our approach and our work-ethic and
we look forward with excitement to the next 20 years.”

Bowcliffe Hall was the location for the Awards

Variety children’s charity raises money for disabled, disadvantaged and deserving children in Yorkshire, with the money raised from the Yorkshire Residential Property Awards and other events funding the cause. Jonathan Morgan introduced the Big Build appeal with a  video of Springwater School in Harrogate, shot by Good Call Media, which encouraged everyone to dig deep.

Good Call Media is also carrying out filming in advance of this year’s Variety Yorkshire Business Awards, which is another major event in the regional calendar and will be held in December in Leeds. We are also producing a large range of videos to be used by Variety in London as part of our developing relationship with the charity.


Latest multi-national company instructs Good Call Media

Our expertise in journalism and story telling attracted the attention of the worldwide organisation JEOL and we are just about to enter the first phase of an ambitious filming project with the company.

We have been filming at the company’s manufacturing centres in Tokyo, Japan and also visiting their suppliers, Jastec, in Kobe, Japan and research centres in Yokohama, as part of the project to highlight their expertise in NMR technology. Phase two of the project will involve filming JEOL’s European NMR capability as the company underlines its commitment to expand its NMR production, maintenance and training throughout Europe.

                     Tokyo filming

JEOL NMR equipment

NMR is an abbreviation for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. An NMR instrument allows the molecular structure of a material to be analyzed by observing and measuring the interaction of nuclear spins when placed in a powerful magnetic field.For the analysis of molecular structure at the atomic level, electron microscopes and X-ray diffraction instruments can also be used, but the advantages of NMR are that sample measurements are non-destructive and there is less sample preparation required.Fields of application include bio, foods, and chemistry, as well as new fields such as battery films and organic EL, which are improving and developing at remarkable speed. NMR has become an indispensable analysis tool in cutting-edge science and technology fields.

The JEOL ethos was summed up by the company’s President, Gon-emon Kurihara, in his latest statement:

Our management philosophy pledges that “JEOL pursues the world’s highest technology based on Creativity” and “Research and Development”, thus contributing to progress in both Science and Human Society through its products. ” Our primary mission is to develop the most advanced and excellent instruments that satisfy the market needs and deliver them to the customers in a timely fashion.

However, we recognize that what we should focus on today is not only providing customers with excellent instruments, but also the best complete solutions, to deliver long-term satisfaction throughout the entire life of the product.

With a new concept of “Solutions for Innovation”, we aim to become the “Only One Company” offering solutions that cannot be found anywhere else, will continue our efforts to contribute to scientific technology worldwide.

Nik Wood of Good Call Media, said: “Once again our background in top level business journalism and our ability to create dynamic and engaging video content has resulted in the development of a new partnership with a leading multi-national organisation.”

Watch this space for more JEOL information in the future…