Australian Assistance Dogs Helping Heroes with PTSD

His work in Australia resulted in an invitation to our co-owner, Nik Wood, to meet Australia’s Governor General, at Government House in capital Canberra, together with a very special group of dogs!

Nik prepares to meet with the Governor General of Australia at Government House, Canberra

Nik met with His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley and Her Excellency, Linda Hurley, as part of a group from Integra Service Dogs Australia.

In recent years, we have highlighted the amazing work of Assistance Dogs Australia through our major client, Ceva Animal Health and the President of Assistance Dogs International, Richard Lord who is now National Partnerships Manager with Integra, the organisation that provides service dogs for military veterans and first responders who encounter post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) as a result of their role.

Integra is a Not-for-Profit Organisation, founded by Veterans for supporting Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD. Integra specialises in the sourcing, matching, placement, ongoing training and development of high quality Labrador trainee Service Dogs with Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD.

They are a national provider, delivering Assistance Dog services in most states and territories, and have efficiently matched and placed more than one hundred (100) high quality Labrador dogs with veterans and first responders.

See the associated video report here:



Integra was founded in 2016 to deliver the vision established by Mr Ken Lloyd, OAM MSs JP (NSW), which is to provide excellent Service Dogs to Veterans and First Responders who have served our country. Learn more about Integra in the video below.

Building Team Spirit

We have had another great posting on Linked In from one of our innovative clients.

SRE is one of the UK’s leading sustainability consultancies.

The company is highly respected within the construction and renewable energy industries. Over 80% of its work is for return clients and they wanted to show the strength of their team through a video “Building for the Future”, which was filmed and edited by Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona Molloy.

It prompted this Linked In post from client, Anna Maclean – thanks Anna.





Video Explainer for SST

When Security Seal Technology wanted to explain their brand new product to the aviation industry,they chose Good Call Media to create a ‘video explainer’.

Security Seal Technology Ltd is the first to explore and develop fully electronic auditable track and trace security for the airline, road, rail and retail sectors. From the research and development of the products to the cloud-based SAFTA Management Portal that’s been developed to capture and report on the data recorded from the electronic locks. Security Seal Technology now offers an alternative in the electronic sealing of goods and assets.

SAFTA is the culmination of professional development, industry research and airline trials resulting in a high security sealing device to secure in-flight carts and canisters.

For the last thirty years in-flight equipment has been principally secured by single use plastic seals and locked by ineffective padlocks which offered little deterrent to thieves. It is estimated by IATA that losses in excess of $50m per year from duty free and retail theft is extremely conservative.

The threat from international terrorism is ever present and the detection of unauthorised packages

being inserted in carts and canisters is a major concern for airline security and law enforcement agencies.

The need for a security device to alert against such occurrences was high on the list of requirements when Security Seal Technology engineers were commissioned to minimise the risks associated with theft and terrorist attack.

Security Seal Technology studied aviation logistics systems and it was clear that there was a requirement for the development of a high security seal which could identify individual staff, record all operations and ensure set procedures were followed.

Due to the investment in existing galley stock it was also evident that the new seal had to be designed in such a manner that it could retrofit onto most carts and canisters currently in circulation, irrespective of the manufacturer or supplier of those assets.

New Global Awards Announced

We produced the dynamic video to announce the new World Veterinary Association’s (WVA) Global Veterinary Awards in partnership with our major client, Ceva Animal Health.

Our video (see below) was shown at the WVA’s annual Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

Veterinary professionals play a critical role in protecting the welfare of animals and it was therefore
logical that the awards be extended to include the 4 strategic objectives of WVA.

In total, the new WVA Global Veterinary Awards comprise 6 awards that will recognise veterinarians for their work in providing animal owners, governments, health authorities, farmers, other veterinarians, and the public with best practice across:

WVA calls out to its members around the world for nominations, which will be assessed by the working group of each of the WVA Strategic Objectives.  The award winners will be announced in early 2024 with a final ceremony during WVAC 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Speaking on behalf of WVA, President, Dr. Rafael Laguens said, “With these awards, the WVA, as the voice of the global veterinary profession, wants to recognize the work of veterinarians worldwide, who, in their daily lives, have provided outstanding and exemplary services for the benefit of their societies. Highlighting also the unique role veterinarians play in protecting the health and welfare of animals, humans, and the environment.

For Ceva Santé Animale, Chairman & CEO Dr. Marc Prikazsky added, “As a veterinarian, the creation of these Awards and their success to date, give me immense pride when I see the scope and impact of the work carried out by my fellow professionals. We are therefore delighted to continue to support WVA in staging the Awards that help to put the spotlight on these critical issues addressed by our profession.”