Our Help With Innovative New Test

When our leading client, the global veterinary health company, Ceva Animal Health (Ceva Santé Animale), wanted to publicise a revolutionary new method of testing for a serious disease in animals and humans, they came to us for help on the video front.

We also produced a series of shorter videos to support the launch throughout Ceva’s social media channels.

Q fever is a highly contagious zoonosis, that also has a strong negative impact on the health and reproductive performance of dairy farms.

Recent surveys suggest that Coxiella burnetii, the bacteria responsible for Q fever, is present on at least half of European dairy farms. However, as the disease is mostly insidious and the diagnosis can be quite challenging, only a small percentage of farmers know that Q fever is present in their farms.

In an effort to build awareness on this dangerous but preventable disease, Ceva’s ruminant team has developed a new diagnostic tool – the QTest.

See the main video report we produced to help announce and explain the test:

The QTest is based on the use of the established FTA® technology, that fixates and inactivates the bacteria on sample collection cards, making it ready to be sent safely by conventional post mail without the need to refrigerate.

A paper published recently online by the Journal of Dairy Science1, the world’s leading peer-reviewed dairy research journal, presents evidence from validation trials that show Ceva’s QTest is an effective and practical approach to the diagnosis of Q fever in dairy herds. The authors demonstrated that QTest cards spotted with milk samples known to be contaminated with Coxiella burnetii were stable at temperatures up to 37°C for 29 days, and that in PCR tests conducted using milk samples stored for up to 14 days, detection was higher for the QTest cards than for raw milk.

Philippe Gisbert, Ceva’s Ruminants Global Technical Manager, highlights: “To our knowledge, it is the first time that FTA® technology has been used for the diagnosis of Q Fever using bulk tank milk as sample matrix. This tool offers a breakthrough innovation to farmers and veterinarians, by making the diagnosis easier and therefore increasing awareness of the disease and leading to better management of the disease in herds as well as better zoonotic risk management.”

For more detailed information  visit the Ceva blog.

Fashion brand wanted innovative training

How do you train staff around the world when budgets are tight and travel restrictions are in place?

One of our most recent films (we can’t show you it because the work was confidential) instructing trainers how to teach a course did just that.  From filming a two day pilot training course in London, we were able to pull out the highlights, pepper it with interview tips, direction and helpful advice from a key trainer, to

then be viewed by trainers around the world, who went on to teach the course to hundreds of staff.

A valuable resource, which alongside detailed course notes, ensured trainers felt confident with the material they were teaching, employees remained engaged and the training had great benefit.

It’s yet another prime example of how our business and our people have been adapting to new ways of working brought about by the Covid crisis.

Volition’s Amazing Year Continues – Financial Results

Our client Volition RX, quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, has had an amazing year in 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic.

As our interview on their quarterly financial results showed, the company has been making positive headway on the development of its tests for cancers in humans and animals: See the financial interview here:

“We have enjoyed an exciting quarter navigating the due diligence process and negotiations with three multi-national companies to advance term sheets for Nu.Q® Vet licensing and distribution arrangements and anticipate signing a term sheet with one of those parties before the end of 2021,” commented Cameron Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volition. “We have also made progress in other key areas including our Nu.Q® NETs and Nu.Q® Capture programs as we shift gears towards our goal of becoming a commercial company with products.”

Highlights of the quarter include: healthy balance sheet with approximately $22.9 million in cash and cash equivalents; advanced term sheet negotiations with three large multi-national veterinary companies on potential worldwide licensing/distribution arrangements; expanded the Company’s intellectual property portfolio. Made significant progress with the Company’s Nu.Q® NETs development Continued focus on, and made strong progress towards additional new product launches and licensing in both the human and veterinary spaces worldwide.

Company Highlights

Volition Veterinary

In advanced term sheet negotiations with three top global veterinary companies and anticipate signing a term sheet with one of those parties before the end of 2021. Published two abstracts at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference including: the first data published in relation to what will likely be the second Nu.Q® Vet product, a disease monitoring tool, on track for a planned launch in 2022; and the first study using Nu.Q® Capture as an enrichment tool in the plasma of dogs with lymphoma.


Cash and cash equivalents as of September 30, 2021, totalled approximately $22.9 million compared with $19.4 million as of December 31, 2020. Cash burn rate averaged approximately $1.7 million per month, lower than the rate during the previous two quarters and also below the Company’s expectations. Net loss for the third quarter of 2021 was $7.2 million versus $5.6 million the prior quarter with this increase primarily due to non-cash items.

Personnel/ Operational

Dr. Gaetan Michel, Chief Operating Officer, has relocated to the U.S. and is tasked with expanding the team with roles expected to be filled in the quality, regulatory and manufacturing functions. On November 1, Mr. Nick Plummer joined the Company as Group General Counsel.

Intellectual Property

27 patent families (plus three in-licensed families) covering both human and animal use of Volition’s Nucleosomics™ platform. 82 granted patents (12 in the U.S., 14 in Europe and 56 rest of world). 82 patents pending. Continued focus on filings during the third quarter of 2021 and expect portfolio to grow in the quarters and years ahead.

We are at the London Vet Show 2021

The 2021 London Vet Show – staged live at ExCel, London, was a huge success this year and Good Call Media was at the event.

Veterinarians from around the globe attended the London event

Filming one of our client’s presentations at the Vet Show

See our video report below for further details on why we attended the event but the organisers summed the whole thing up on their website:

“We knew that the buzz of reuniting the veterinary profession would be unlike anything we’ve seen before but the last few days exceeded our expectations. We have all our delegates, exhibitors, partners and sponsors to thank for the wonderful outcome!”

The London Vet Show is Europe’s largest, dedicated two-day veterinary conference and exhibition. The decision to postpone the 2020 was made following several discussions with industry stakeholders, including partners, and considering the significant impact of both international and domestic travel but this year the event was able to go ahead and attracted large numbers of visitors.

Good Call Media was working with our partner company Volition Veterinary and watch out for reports and interviews with key personnel and speakers from the Volition company, which is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange.

The London Vet Show is organised by Closer Still media. Founded in 2008, CloserStill Media have more than 70 events in the UK and international markets including the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong. Including the London Vet Show and BVA Live. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing exhibition businesses, running best of class events in the learning, medical & healthcare, technology and veterinary sectors. In the last 10 years, we have won over 50 major industry awards, including the coveted ‘Best Business Exhibition’ seven times, featured in The Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work (2018 & 2019), been voted by members of the Association of Exhibition Organisers as the ‘Most Respected Company’ in the exhibition Industry and winners of over 50 major industry awards in the last 10 years, including Best Business Exhibition (x7), Best Marketing (x8) and Best Sales (x4) Best Launch or Brand Extension (x5).

Working with JEOL again

We were delighted to be contacted again by JEOL, the Japanese-owned global group, which is involved in cutting edge science and technology to spotlight their latest project in front of the international Euromar convention.

We travelled to Japan to film at the company’s various facilities after we were first introduced to JEOL, which is a leading global supplier of electron microscopes, ion beam instruments, mass spectrometers and NMR spectrometers.

We are now looking at ways of developing our relationship with JEOL who are competing at the highest level in their field.

See the latest video that we created for them, here:

Nordic Therapy Dogs video

We faced all kinds of challenges when we undertook one of the latest video projects for our major client, Ceva Santé Animale, the global veterinary health organisation.

Ceva had sponsored the prestigious Uppsala Health Summit in Sweden and had also commissioned a study on the use of therapy dogs in Swedish schools showing that not
only does animal intervention lead to better behaviour and academic performance among school pupils on the autism spectrum but it can also save health and education authorities valuable funds.

The challenge for us was the fact that it was impossible to get into Sweden due to Covid restrictions so we came up with a ‘cunning plan’.

Working on Zoom and other online meeting portals, we were able to record a series of interviews connected with the Summit and the study. We then edited these with some of the vast library of images that we and Ceva have built on this subject and the result was a colourful and dynamic video.

In fact the organisers of the Summit liked the video so much, that they decided to use it during the event itself. See the video here:

Was Jerry Maguire right after all?

Those who remember the classic movie Jerry Maguire will know the meaning of the quote:”It was only a mission statement” and the potential pitfalls of creating such a promise.

With the 15th year of our business fast approaching, we remember nervously drawing up our own mantra for our new company when we launched back in 2007 – “we will only work with people we like, on projects we believe in”, we boldly said.

This statement was still very much in our minds when we put together some of our company’s highlights of 2021 against the background, of course, of a global pandemic.

So take a look at the projects we’ve completed in one of the toughest years ever for doing business and judge for yourselves…oh, and it obviously turned out well for Jerry in the end!


We acquired AquaSpira as a brand new client in 2021 and they are just the sort of business that the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference are trying to promote as they make a significant contribution to carbon reduction in the field where they operate.

Our first assignment with the business was to produce a fast-moving video to explain their company at the 2021 Rail Live convention held in the UK:


Aquaspira is on course to deliver on ambitious targets to reduce embodied carbon by half, with its sights set on a zero-carbon product by the end of the decade.

A six-figure investment into R&D is already paying dividends with Aquaspira boasting its first drainage product using 20 per cent recycled material. Heavy investment has already been committed to a new research laboratory which is already up and running.

The company is a specialist manufacturer of large diameter drainage pipes working in close partnership with the University of Birmingham and the UKCRIC National Buried Infrastructure Facility, to develop a lower carbon smart pipe for sustainable large-scale buried infrastructure projects.

The research has the potential to make a significant step-change in helping the construction sector achieve Government de-carbonisation targets. It will explore the use of recycled materials for storm and drainage water pipes and the backfill required for their installation, as well as incorporating innovative sensing equipment for long-term asset monitoring.

XP Power 2021 interim results

We continue to partner with XP Power on a series of projects including the broadcast of their annual and interim financial results. Click on the image to see the latest financial video we made for them: