Amsterdam Location

Amsterdam was the location for our latest filming project – highlighting fascinating new work on human animal interaction.

We were commissioned to film at a major symposium organised by IAHAIO – the International Association of Human- Animal Interaction Organisations. The event, held at the Friendship Sports Centre in Amsterdam,  a complex totally devoted to providing sporting facilities and training for people with disabilities, involved individuals and organisations from as far apart as the USA and Australia.

Research into benefits for Downs Syndrome children

The use of animals, such as horses and dogs, to interact with young, elderly and people and children facing a variety of mental and physical challenges, is gradually becoming more popular around the world, however little is known about the stress and fatigue levels among the animals themselves.

      Tynke de Winkel – new PhD work

We highlighted the work of Dutch researcher, Tynke de Winkel, who has embarked on an PhD project aiming to establish a scientifically backed model looking at there subject, which can be used by professionals in the future.

See an interview with Tynke that we have just published by clicking here.

We will also be editing videos highlighting a group of professional dog trainers from Scandinavia and Nordic countries in addition to a second PhD project measuring the benefits for Downs Syndrome children who regularly interact with animals.

Social Media Explosion – A Big Success!

Our ‘social media explosion’ at a major UK awards event has proved a big success and we are now developing it into a new offering for clients involved in similar glittering nights.

Our theory was simple – instead of waiting days, even months for images and video clips (if you’re lucky) from an awards night, why not make video links available to the winners and the sponsors on the night, therefore encouraging them to share on social media while they bask in the glory of success?

Give them a hyperlink to YouTube featuring a short interview after they come off stage with their ‘gong’ and it makes it so easy for them
to fire out the news personally or to forward to their marketing team or social media coordinator who can do it for them.

That’s exactly what we did at the 2018 Variety Yorkshire Residential Property Awards (see previous posts for more details) and the results have been excellent with thousands of hits on YouTube Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets which would never have happened if we had not made the highly rich content available on such a swift turn around.

            Jeremy Griffin Technology4Turnover who helped make the social media campaign a big success

Working with Variety’s own social media guru in Yorkshire, Jeremy Griffin of Technology4Turnover, (see his Linked In profile by clicking here), the YouTube posts were connected to Variety Yorkshire’s social media channels which he manages on their behalf in addition, of course, to the posts he created personally ‘live’ on the night from his position in the event marquee.

The additional activity generated by the videos helps to further raise the profile of the organisers, Variety the Children’s Charity in Yorkshire, the winners and the sponsors of each category who are vital for the future survival and success of the event. Those sponsors are going to be more willing to give the event their support next year if they feel they’ve had added value above and beyond the normal PowerPoint slide mentioning their name on the night.

As well as the winners videos, we also added in a full roundup of the evening and a final report highlighting brief interviews with people in the audience and you can see for yourself how the videos were received:

Click here to see our channel featuring the Property Awards

             Big rise in social media hits

Good Call Media co-owner, Nik Wood said:”We noticed that for many awards, it can take forever for the JPEGs from the night to appear online, never mind any video footage that was shot and that’s simply not good enough in an age of instant social media. People in the audience are encouraged to Tweet and share on the night so why does it often take so long for the organisers themselves to respond?

Our background in BBC journalism means we are completely used to dealing with media on extremely tight deadlines so it comes naturally to us to handle an event like this as a type of news story that needs immediate air time.

We know the charities and organisations that are involved in staging the events are incredibly busy making the evening or the lunch a success so we take the stress of getting exposure for the Awards away from them and can either post direct to their accounts or work with their own social media coordinators. In Variety’s case, Jeremy Griffin   already
provides a fantastic service for them through their social media channels so it made sense to work closely with him on the night and over subsequent days when he filtered out fresh content to keep the interest levels high.”

And the good news – it’s the nature of social media that the content stays around on website, Twitter and Facebook accounts so those hit numbers are continuing to rise day by day!



Harry Hall project moves ahead

The Big edit!

That’s what we are nicknaming the latest phase of our fantastic project with new client, the Hall Hunter Partnership, one of the UK’s best and most successful fruit growers.

Harry Hall who now runs the company

With the onset of Brexit, who knows what the deal will involve and that’s not great for companies that employ a significant  number of seasonal workers from other European countries…even if they do offer favourable benefits and rewards that can be well above the UK’s minimum wage level.

So we have been commissioned to shoot and edit a whole series of videos from each of the Hall Hunter farms in the south of England to highlight the
main aspects of working with the company. We have been out and about with our cameras, and our aerial drone, during the annual harvest of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries – yum yum!

We have recorded interviews in Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian and English…phew, it was quite a task and now we are embarking on the job of editing all that amazing material to broadcast ahead of the traditional recruitment season for workers for 2019.

Hall Hunter Partnership was started by Mark and Mary Hall, in 1966 and continues to grow, in every sense of the word.

These days the business is run by their son Harry who has continued the tradition of driving the business to be ever better. He and his family live at Tuesley Farm, the largest farm that the company owns.

The business covers seven sites: from Berkshire to Surrey to Sussex, and in 2016, they ventured overseas to start a farm in Portugal. Their approach combines decades of experience, expertise and passion with modern, innovative techniques.

The result?

Exceptional tasting fruit that brings a smile to your face…well that’s what their marketing team say and having sampled quite a bit of their fruit in the making of the various films, we can safely say they are exactly right.

Watch out for the films when they are published.

Instant Video at Awards

Wow – we are pleased to report that the 2018 Variety Yorkshire Residential Property Awards were the best ever…we worked through the night to make sure that winners and sponsors got links to the video reports virtually as the event drew to a close.

Bowcliffe Hall was the venue for the 2018 awards

Over 600 property professionals packed into the historic surroundings of Bowcliffe Hall in North Yorkshire for a fantastic evening of entertainment, networking and, of course, the awards themselves highlighting the very best of property development in the county.

And the best part of the event…it raised over a hundred thousand pounds for Variety the Children’s Charity who spend virtually every penny on projects or equipment to help local children and young people who face challenges every day of their lives.

Over the next few days we will be feeding through the videos that feature each of the winners together with a roundup video and ‘vox pops’ that were recorded on the night.

The plan was simple – when are people most likely to share videos about property in Yorkshire…when they have just won an award formal their hard work of course. The videos also help to give the sponsors, who are vital to the success of the awards, plenty of exposure so, hopefully, they will support the event in 2019.



Volition RX – our joint journey towards better cancer prevention continues

Our journey with client, Volition RX, who are developing a simple, cost effective and highly accurate test for various cancers, has continued with a special video report with the organisation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

The video was recorded on our recent visit to the company’s main European facility in Namur, Belgium, where the SAB were holding a meeting.

To see the video report in full, click here

Members of Volition’s SAB pictured outside the company’s facility in Namur, Belgium

Volition is a multi-national life sciences company focused on developing simple, easy to use, cost effective blood tests   designed to help diagnose a range of cancers.  The tests are based on the technology platform of Nucleosomics®, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluid – an indication that disease is present.

The SAB is a multi-disciplinary international board with expertise in broad areas of technology and convenes at least twice a year to give high level advice and counsel to Volition’s scientific team. Chaired by Dr. Alan Colman, the Board has seven other members, all highly-respected leading experts in their individual fields. The team meets in Namur which was set up by Volition as their central facility for testing blood samples from their various trials that are taking place around the world currently.

Dr. Colman commented “The role of the SAB is to review and advise the Volition team on the development of its scientific program. Every member provides invaluable insight and input which helps drive scientific rigour.”

As cancer screening programs become more widespread, Volition’s products aim to help to diagnose a range of cancers quickly, simply, accurately and cost effectively. Early diagnosis has the potential to not only prolong the life of patients, but also to improve their quality of life.

Volition RX will be in California for this event in 2019

Volition intends to expand the application of its technology beyond cancer by exploring other disease applications. The company’s research and development activities are currently centered in Belgium, with additional offices in London, Texas and Singapore, as it focuses on bringing its diagnostic products to market first in Europe, then in the U.S. and ultimately, worldwide.

Watch out for a video invitation to meet with Volition RX during the forthcoming 36th J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference being held in San Francisco between January 8-11, 2019 which we will be recording and publishing shortly.

Social Media ‘Explosion’ for Residential Awards!

We will be helping to create a social media ‘explosion’ around the 2018 Variety Yorkshire Residential Property Awards when we don our black tie and cocktail dress to join in on the big night.

As well as being commissioned to produce the feature videos for the glittering event, to be held at the historic Bowcliffe Hall in Yorkshire, we have been appointed to produce a series of video reports on the night which will be immediately beamed out on various social media channels.

The project will help to publicise the event but also to raise the profile of the sponsors, who are vital for the event’s success, and therefore help to attract future backers for the Awards.

This year the videos for the main event are even more ambitious – as well as featuring a colourful and dynamic overview video, we have produced video inserts to announce each of the category winners and also separate reports highlighting ‘The One To Watch’ and ‘Property Personality of the Year’ Awards. In addition to these, we have also recorded the main appeal video which will help Variety the Children’s Charity in Yorkshire, raise badly needed funds for young people throughout the county who face challenges every day of their lives.

Fiona Molloy, co-owner of Good Call Media said:”It’s obviously great to make the videos for the Awards themselves but we have increasingly developed an offering to our clients who stage these events to immediately share the success of the night and the winners on social media.”

And she added: “It’s quite simple – when are people most likely to share material from an awards event? Just after they have won of course so, by giving them video clips while they are at the awards or immediately after, we encourage many more hits on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and You Tube and if the sponsors’ names are on these videos, they are going to be extremely happy with the exposure they receive above and beyond a mention on the night.”

Over 600 property professionals are expected to join us on the night so keep an eye open on social media for the results.


Green screen studio for launch of 2019 Global Welfare Awards

Our green screen studio was put to use to help launch the 3rd Global Animal Welfare Awards for 2019.

We recorded a special illustrated news bulletin highlighting the main aspects of the awards which will be held at the 35th World Veterinary Association Congress in Costa Rica, Central America and April.

To see the video, click here

Our major client, Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) and the World Veterinary Association (WVA) have continued their commitment to promote ever better international standards of animal welfare by organising the Global Animal Welfare Awards recognising and rewarding veterinarians for their outstanding efforts to protect and improve the welfare of animals.

Our green screen was used to create a realistic news room for the announcement

Veterinarians are not only essential for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases, but play a crucial role in protecting and improving the welfare of animals. The veterinary community helps to research, advocate and educate politicians, public health authorities, the media and general public in implementing the highest animal welfare standards.

The aim of the WVA Animal Welfare Awards is to recognise and reward veterinarians who in their daily lives contribute to the protection and welfare of animals and have provided outstanding and exemplary welfare-related services to animals, animal owners, fellow veterinarians and the public.

Following the successful deliverance of the WVA Animal Welfare Awards in 2017 and 2018, Ceva and WVA in collaboration with the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) have this year agreed to expand the scope of the awards by adding  a new category recognising a veterinary student for his/her involvement and engagement in animal welfare.

The WVA Animal Welfare Award 2019 will be presented to six selected veterinarians from the WVA six geographical regions and to one veterinary student from around the world. The Award Ceremony will take place during the 35th World Veterinary Association Congress on 28th April 2019 in San Jose, Costa Rica where the selected winners will be invited to receive the WVA Animal Welfare Award and a monetary prize of 5.000 Euros.

In addition, Ceva and WVA are actively studying a plan to expand the AW Awards categories to include veterinary schools in future editions, rewarding them for Animal Welfare Excellence in Veterinary Education.

More information on the WVA Animal Welfare Awards 2019 can be found by visiting

2018 Yorkshire Property Industry Awards are a big success

Our video highlighting the latest trends in the dynamic Yorkshire property scene was a big success at the 2018 Yorkshire Property Awards held in the New Dock Hall, Leeds.

Over 700 property professionals packed into the venue for one of the region’s biggest property networking events. Our video highlighted major developments in Yorkshire including Wellington Place and The Majestic in Leeds, Thorpe Park, east of the city and The Fruit Market in Hull.

A big thanks to those interviewees who gave up their time to take part.