Latest Podcast

Our latest podcast has gone live.

We produce regular podcasts in our series called Ceva Sounds on behalf of our major client Ceva Animal Health. We work in 55 different countries for Ceva which are one of the world’s leading veterinary health companies.

Listen to the podcast here:


Developing Blood Tests For Cancer

Imagine a simple blood test that could pick up on the early stages of cancer; despite the Covid crisis, our client Volition has been working so hard to make this a reality and with the continued release of positive data and the launch of their first product, it is getting closer. To hear about the companies most recent developments click here and watch their latest financial results film and business update.  It also perfectly illustrates how the Good Call Media studio is helping us to add value to on-line video conference interviews.

Glittering Ceremony

We are so proud to be up and running in 2021 and to be hosting the Ceva UK Animal Welfare Awards from a special, socially distanced studio in London – it will be just like the old days.


The video trailer says it all but if you want to watch, you can do it through a special frame on the Welcome page of: