Volition RX update

As our client Volition RX, listed on the New York Stock exchange, gets closer to producing a simple blood test for cancer keeping investors abreast of key developments has been vital.   Good Call Media’s studio has ensured that we could keep producing our regular financial quarterly bulletins but we have also been busy with other regular news

For example Volition presented three abstracts at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2020 annual meeting with three films produced to accompany each

To see one of the films  a short video produced to accompany the lung cancer abstract click here:

And with a growing German investor audience all our quarterly results films can now be seen with German subtitles. 

Second Quarter 2020 Results and Business Update from Volition on Vimeo.

Socially distanced interim results

We created a socially distanced studio in the offices of UK company XP Power to help them announce their 2020 interim financial results.

Socially distanced studio for XP Power results

XP Power’s Vietnam production facility

CEO Duncan Penny told us that “Conditions have been unprecedented and challenging and we’re really pleased with what we have done…

XP have manufacturing sites in China and Vietnam but despite the Chinese factory being shut down at the end of January, February and the beginning of March the company managed to keep their products going out.   

“The guys in the supply chain have done a remarkable job actually getting product to customers and keeping things moving in this difficult period”.

As a supplier of products for 60 different ventilator products Covid has brought XP benefits and  demand on the healthcare side of the business has been strong. Click here to see the results interview.

XP Power units are used in hospital ventilators

Volition developing Covid-19 triage test

Our client Volition RX may soon be helping in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Excitingly Volition have discovered that the patented technology behind their cancer tests may well also be used to develop a COVID-19 Triage test.  It is hoped that this test will tell doctors if a patient with Covid is likely to go on and develop serious symptoms or complications.  Further trials are continuing with the aim of producing a CE-marked product for this by the end of 2020. 

We have been helping them update their investors and the world at large about the possible breakthrough.

Commenting on the results, corresponding author Professor Stefan Holdenrieder, Director of the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, German Heart Center, Munich, Germany said, “We tested two independent cohorts of COVID-19 positive patients with quantitative nucleosome immunoassays and found that nucleosomes were highly elevated in plasma of severe COVID-19 patients relative to healthy control subjects and that both histone 3.1 variant and citrullinated nucleosomes increased with disease severity. Given that the highest levels of nucleosomes were found in patients requiring artificial ventilation or extracorporeal oxygenation, we believe that nucleosomes could serve as a guiding biomarker for disease severity in COVID-19 positive patients.”

Cameron Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of Volition commented, “Nu.QTM has shown correlation with more severe COVID-19 cases implying strong prognostic potential, and we are now focused on the completion of larger longitudinal studies that would be needed to support a potential COVID-19 product launch. If we continue to see positive results in these longitudinal studies, we aim to have a CE-marked product available on multiple platforms in 2020 and will look to launch a low-cost product that could be used in any laboratory worldwide as soon as possible thereafter.”

To read more about it and see our film click here.

Videos for pitches

We’ve noticed an increased demand for our dynamic videos to support online pitching for new business during the Covid-19 period.

Online pitching is a very different medium

Video assets are a useful tool for presenters

We are limited in the amount of detail we can give about these assignments because presenting for new business is obviously a sensitive and confidential area but we have had an extremely positive response to the work we have carried out so far. We can say that the latest assignment involved a series of bespoke videos for presentations by a client to some of the UK’s leading supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

In addition we have also seen requests for videos to explain plans for new business growth and building developments for presentations to planning authorities and interested groups locally.

“The increased amount of working from home and the limits on face to face meetings means some presenters feel restricted by the limitations of Zoom or Google Hangouts,” said Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona Molloy. Having a carefully targeted video that covers all the points of a presentation can be a useful addition to a pitcher’s toolbox and it can show the audience areas that they cannot normally see from a traditional presentation.”

Once a video has been shot, it is often a simple process to make small edits to bespoke the film for different outcomes. While video can never replace the role of the human presenter it can clearly complement their presentation and help to win valuable new business.



New Podcast goes live

Our podcasts are proving popular.

So often we are frustrated when we interview really interesting people on video, only to see a lot of their comments going on the ‘cutting room floor’ due to the fact that the current trend is for short sharp films, especially on social media.


So when one of our biggest clients, the worldwide veterinary health company Ceva Animal Health
, asked us to go back to our roots as broadcasters with the BBC, we were more than happy to help out. Ceva wanted us to develop a series of podcasts on different subjects starting with an interview with researchers and experts from the veterinary health world on whether the Covid-19 pandemic could and should have been predicted.

The podcast proved so popular that our next recording took place shortly afterwards, this time highlighting the role that dogs play as assistance animals in different parts of the world. Organisations such as Assistance Dogs Australia, who train dogs to work with autistic children and young people, were interviewed about new research from a joint study with Sydney University, that shows how their work is really making a difference.

You can listen to that podcast by clicking here.

Already our next podcast is being recorded as we write, highlight the futuristic practise of ‘Precision Livestock Farming’. It sounds technical but basically it involves monitoring the health of farm animals 24/7 through networks of cameras and sensors to help combat disease and improve welfare.

British workers pick fruit during Covid crisis

When British workers, who were furloughed during the Covid-19 crisis, were urged to help out Britain’s farmers by picking fruit, we were there with our cameras to record the first volunteers to arrive for work with one of the UK’s most successful soft fruit growers.

Our interviewees included a worker from the oil and gas industry, a former employee in the hospitality sector and an A-level student who had seen her exams postponed.

They were happy to talk to us when we were called in by the Hall Hunter Partnership, who wanted to show that the UK workers could operate successfully on their farms alongside the many Eastern European workers who had joined their business in recent years. Many of the company’s senior management, started life as pickers and the company has a proud history of developing people who work hard and often return to their farms year after year – often with members of their families.

“I think some people have got an outdated view of what we are doing here,” said Clare Pullen who normally works in the oil and gas industry. “It’s really not hard work and I wanted to help the British farmers.”
See our interview with Clare and other local pickers who have joined the Hall Hunter team.