New Green Screen ‘Studio’ Used For Major Edinburgh Event

Take a look at our smart new studio which is being used for a series of innovative video trailers ahead of a major congress in Edinburgh this year.

Light ring is placed around the lens.

Take a second look and the keen eyed among you might realise that this is actually a virtual studio, created through the technology of green screen. It marks the latest investment in state of the art equipment made by our company as we strive to give our clients the very best in quality while remaining flexible and responsive to their needs.

                 Portable green screen

Using the Reflecmedia portable green screen equipment means we can create a studio backdrop within seconds and edit professional news bulletins for clients on whatever subject. We can also take the screen to our clients and edit their interviews against dynamic colourful backgrounds – without asking them to leave their offices.

Instead of using traditional green screens that are cumbersome to set up and light, Reflecmedia uses a clever light ring that  fits around a camera lens and reflects against millions of tiny glass particles embedded in the screen behind. This means that the subject can be filmed normally while any kind of image can be edited on to the green screen – or a whole news studio can be created.

You can see the set up demonstrated in our video report for the World Veterinary Poultry Association, highlighting their forthcoming Congress being held in Edinburgh in September this year.

You can view the latest video update here:


New Client JEOL

We are always pleased to work with new clients, and our latest, JEOL, is no exception.

Good Call Media is to partner with the company on a project designed to look in detail at their work in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers and our first assignment was to visit the recent Euromar 2017 Congress in Warsaw, Poland, where JEOL was a sponsor. We will also be filming at their facility in Japan as part of the project.

Our first short video with the company highlighted JEOL’s presence at Euromar and was used by the company on their Linked In site for JEOL Europe.


EUROMAR2017 gathered almost 550 participants, who met to exchange knowledge and the results of scientific research in the field of magnetic resonance, ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine.

JEOL’s NMR products are high quality and selling in Europe.

JEOL is a leading supplier of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, mass spectrometers, scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), scanning probe microscopes (SPMs), and semiconductor tools for scientific and industrial purposes. Providing applications-specific solutions that advance their customers’ diverse objectives — from routine analysis of organic and inorganic specimens to breakthroughs in nanotechnological development.

Nik Wood of Good Call Media, said:”JEOL is an amazing company with roots in the excellence of Japanese technology but is now very much a player in Europe and the rest of the world and our job will be to work closely with them to illustrate the work of their NMR team and the products they produce and sell.” Our work with JEOL is going to involve interviewing some of their best customers throughout Europe including several academic institutions who have decided to invest in JEOL equipment.

The Euromar event gave us the chance to meet with JEOL’s personnel from all around the world and we will also be visiting the JEOL facility in Tokyo, Japan to show the level of engineering excellence involved in producing NMR products – a skill that dates back almost sixty years.

New Appointment By Insider Group

Our partnership with Insider Media Group continues with our appointment to produce the video for the 2017 Yorkshire Property Industry Awards.

The Awards are being held in the New Dock Hall, Leeds on Thursday September 28 and, for the fifth year running, our colourful and dynamic video will get the proceedings underway. The project involves filming key developments throughout the Yorkshire region as well as interviewing industry figures and judges who will decide the winners on the night.

Despite numerous challenges in recent years, the industry in Yorkshire has continued to grow and outstrips many other regions in the UK outside London. However it’s also become clear that investors who have placed their money in the capital in the past are now looking for better value deals further north.

The entire commercial property industry in the county is recognised at the Awards including developers, professional advisors, architects, local authorities and even planners!

The event is also a major networking opportunity with most of those shortlisted companies taking tables together with their customers and suppliers.

To find out more about the event or book a table at the dinner, click here.


Video for Made In The UK goes live

Our ‘kick off’ video for the Made in the UK  2017 Awards went live at the prestigious event, staged by Insider Media in Liverpool as part of a day-long conference event focusing on manufacturing.

Click here to see the video on Insider’s web site.

Mark Garnier MP – Export Award Sponsor

The video featured an interview with Mark Garnier MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary for State in the Department For International Trade who sponsored this year’s Export Award.

“We know that companies that export are three times more profitable, seven times more resilient to economic shocks and they are our greatest calling card when we do business the world over”, he said.

The Awards dinner

The event is two events in one day. The day begins at the Merseyside Maritime Museum at the Albert Dock, Liverpool, with 8 mini – conference sessions focusing on specific manufacturing sectors. The conferences aim to update manufacturers operating in the specific sectors bringing them the latest information about futuristic developments that will impact on manufacturers in the near future.

The second event is the Awards dinner itself which is attended by hundreds of manufacturers and their clients. It’s the third year in a row that Good Call Media has been chosen to make the opening video. We also work closely with Insider Media Group on other events including the Yorkshire Property Industry Awards, the Made in Sheffield Awards and the Made in the Midlands Awards.