Follow-up on One Health partnership

Our latest video highlighting a new partnership between one of our main clients and one of the world’s most respected research universities is a great example of how to maximise a filming opportunity.

We travelled to the Netherlands to record the signing of a new partnership agreement between our client, Ceva Animal Health and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The video report highlighting the agreement and featuring Ceva’s CEO, Dr. Marc Prikazsky and Dr. Ludo Hellebrekers, Director of WBVR, went out within minutes of the short ceremony.

We also captured interviews with other key players at the event and the video featuring more detail about the research and planned out comes has now also gone live on social media outlets.

Good Call Media co-owner, Nik Wood, who filmed the event, said:”In the dynamic world of social media we advise our clients to get more ‘bang for their buck’ by segmenting events like this into different areas of content that can be fed through You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in following the actual announcement itself. It helps to keep an audience engaged if they are getting more information at a later date.”

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) and Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) announced the collaboration to develop veterinary vaccines for the control of (re)emerging infectious animal diseases, such as Rift Valley fever and Influenza. With an estimated 75% of emerging human infectious diseases originating from animal reservoirs, this new research and development platform provides an excellent example of how the public and private sectors can work together.



New Appointment For Residential Property Awards

We are really pleased to announce that we have been appointed to produce the video for the 2018 Yorkshire Residential Awards following our successful involvement with the 2017 event.

The Awards, organised by Variety the Children’s Charity, help to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds to support young people and projects in the county and is part of our ongoing partnership with the organisation throughout the UK.

Click here to see last year’s video report.

The success of last year’s awards led to our appointment in 2018

We work with Variety around the UK

The 2018 event will be held in the beautiful surroundings of Bowcliffe Hall in Yorkshire and will attract over 600 people from the Yorkshire property scene for a black tie evening of networking and fund raising. Our dynamic
and colourful videos are used to kick-off the formal part of the evening where the ‘gongs’ themselves are handed out in a variety of different categories celebrating the very best of residential development and planning in the county.

Good Call Media co-owner, Fiona Molloy, who produces and directs the filming said:”This is a project that we really enjoy because it’s fantastic to visit some of the UK most interesting and innovative developments in the knowledge that our work also helps to raise much needed funds for young people who face many challenges.”

Fiona also organises filming at the projects that benefit from Variety’s work and these are shown to audiences at various events organised by the charity to illustrate what a difference the support really makes and to encourage people to donate on the night. Our videos are a fantastic way to launch an awards ceremony – it’s often quite noisy with so many people networking and drinking and eating and we find that a well edited video featuring commentary from the industry settles the room down and prepares people for the awards to be handed out.”

Senegal Horse Market – Our New Location

Senegal, West Africa, is the latest location for our International filming assignments.

We have completed two films – a Country Profile for our leading client, Ceva Santé Animale featuring their country manager and the work he carries out and a profile of one of this year’s Global Animal Welfare Awards winners who operates in some of Senegal’s poorest areas.

The first report concentrates on the work of Dr. Abdoulaye Soumboundou, Ceva’s agent in Senegal and neighbouring countries, The Gambia and Mauritania where he works with vets and animal producers to improve the health and welfare of the animals they care for.

Click here to see the profile video.

Dr. Abdoulaye Soumboundou

Poultry, he explains, is the largest single market in Senegal and outbreaks of avian influenza several years ago resulted in a total ban of foreign imports of chicken. This has boosted the businesses of Senegalese farmers and poultry producers although a lifting of the ban is now being considered. Ceva has also been developing its hatchery vaccination service in Senegal together with the associated training as part of their partnership with poultry farmers.

Senegalese children at the horse market

Ruminants is the next largest market with sales of Coglavax helping farmers to reduce mortality in their herds. The release of Ceva’s VerY Diag field kit, the first rapid field test for the diagnosis of bovine trypanosomosis, has also been a major factor in helping ruminant farmers improve the health of their cattle. The kits have helped with a major advance in the treatment of the disease, which causes wasting in cattle and can cause the spread of the human form of sleeping sickness resulting in many deaths throughout Africa. It also prevents farmers and vets from treating cattle needlessly by showing whether they are infected, or not, within a matter of minutes of a test being carried out.

Finally the companion animal market is a small but growing sector in Senegal as more and more people are owning and caring for pets.

“I really enjoy working with Ceva,” says Dr. Soumboundou in the video. “Ceva has helped me go out in the field and work with farmers and as well as selling the products we are carrying out lots of training and this helps them improve their knowledge about disease and the best treatments that are available.”

We then travelled to the North East of the country to visit the regular horse market in the town of Mékhé, where many people who live on the poverty line use working horses and donkeys for their day to day work.

Our winning vet,Dr. Mactar Seck, works with The Brooke charity and collected his award at a ceremony held in Barcelona, Spain. Our filming in Senegal featured his work alongside fellow vets from the international horse and donkey organisation The Brooke, to introduce their new assessment tool SEBWAT.

It takes just 10 minutes to assess the welfare of a working horse or donkey using Brooke’s tool). Developed in 2010,  it  evolved from the Working Equine Welfare Assessment, the result of an earlier collaboration between Brooke and Bristol University.

Between 2010 and 2016 SEBWAT was used over 71,000 times across 11 countries. Brooke has now made public a summary of what was learned during that time, including SEBWAT’s main benefits and limitations, and how it may develop in the future.

Click here to see the video report on the work of The Brooke and Dr. Seck.



‘Voices’ Series Continues For EU Organisation

The latest in our series of video interviews for AnimalhealthEurope has gone live.

The series is spanning one year following the rebranding of AnimalhealthEurope, previously IFAH (International Federation for Animal Health) and the latest report was filmed close to Paris at one of France’s leading research institutes.

Click here to see our video interview.

Thierry Pineau outside the INRA facility close to Paris

It features Thierry Pineau, Director of the Carnot Institute: France Future Elevage and Head of the INRA Research Centre in Jouy-en-Josas, France. It is the third case story from the Voices of Animal Health series being developed by AnimalhealthEurope.

Here, Thierry shares his story about the innovations he has seen over the years which have completely changed livestock production and animal health management for the better. Thierry also talks about the need for science to be the loudest voice when it comes to talking about animal health and animal production. Voices of Animal Health is a video case story project commissioned by AnimalhealthEurope to share views and opinions of people who have an interest in animal health. The project covers stories from a veterinarian, a pet lover and medical detection dog owner, as well as a livestock research scientist.

Watch out for our farmer interviews still to come!