New Wildlife Research Fund Video

Good Call Media travelled to Belgium to record an interview connected with the new Ceva Wildlife Research Fund for one of our major clients, Ceva Animal Health.

Since October 2021, Europe has been facing an epidemic of highly pathogenic avian influenza, considered to be the most destructive it has ever seen.

The endowment fund supports the Belgian animal park Pairi Daiza, named best zoo in Europe, by financing a vaccination program against the avian influenza threatening the park’s birds including wild pelicans and peacocks. This epidemic, caused by the H5N1 virus, affects both poultry and wild birds, leading to the death of several million birds and causing massive mortality in both wild populations and animal parks.

The pelican and peacock conservation program at the Pairi Daiza animal park is a prime example of concrete collaboration with a positive impact. The Ceva Wildlife Research Fund supports this project by financing vaccination campaigns and providing expertise and equipment. The Sciensano Institute, a national reference laboratory, contributes by ensuring the necessary serological and virological follow-up, as required by the Belgian authorities.

London Vet Show – Overview Video

We attended London Vet Show & BVA Live, Europe’s largest veterinary exhibition, to launch Volition RX’s Nu.Q® Vet Cancer test to the UK and Ireland markets through two new collaborators, Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) , and NationWide Laboratories.

We spoke to many attendees from the veterinary field and filmed talks featuring Volition’s Research Director, Dr. Rebecca Timmons, and Dr. Sue Ettinger, aka Dr. Sue Cancer Vet, a practicing veterinary cancer specialist, international speaker, book author, and vlogger.

Watch our video for highlights of London Vet Show 2023:

Highlights from London Vet Show 2023 from Volition on Vimeo.

Support for Orchards Cookery School

We were so impressed with the Orchards Cookery School in the UK when we came across their work with young people and food, that we decided to make a film for them.

Orchards Cookery specialises in training and recruiting Chalet Cooks and also runs Off to University courses, Designer Dinner party courses, Corporate Days and One and Two Day cookery courses.

The Award Winning cookery school has a new approach to cookery and tuition, courses are ‘hands on’ and lots of fun, each day concluding with a dinner party.

The school also offers a recruitment service supplying cooks for ski chalets, private parties, shooting, hunting and fishing lodges, holiday villas, yachts etc. The school is a family home situated on a farm in the heart of England, near Stratford-upon-Avon and students live in cottages on site.

They loved our video:

New Product Video for SAFTA

SST has developed and continues to develop products to combat the increasing losses being incurred by airlines and a broad range of transport sectors due to theft and fraud. We have already produced an overview video for the company, used prominently on their website, and they have now just commissioned Good Call Media to produce a product explainer video designed to be shown to potential investors in the company: