Video – a great way to promote recruitment

Ever since Covid, the competition for talent has got hotter and hotter, particularly in construction and the built environment.

We are increasingly being asked to design videos to help with hiring and recruitment in various of these sectors, most recently for UK consultancy SRE.

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What started as Malcolm Maclean Consultancy producing energy and sustainability statements for the residential sector is now SRE Ltd, delivering over 40 different services covering sustainability, energy and building physics for the
commercial, mixed-use and residential sectors. With 90% of their work being for return or referral clients

The company has  ambitious plans for growing the business and for providing yet more services. But they need to ensure they are getting the best in class when it comes to talent, which is why we were called in to produce a series of videos depicting what it is like to work for SRE.

Filming in Orlando, Florida for WVC 2023

Good Call Media was commissioned to cover the 2023 Western Veterinary Congress, in Orlando, Florida, the world’s largest vet show, for our fast-growing client, Volition Veterinary.

Our video, produced at the event, highlights the latest news for Volition Veterinary, which has signed several significant deals in recent years.