2019 – Another Record Breaker?

2019 is already shaping up to be a Happy New Year for Good Call Media.

In 2018 our company broke all its previous growth records for the 10 years we have been operating and, without tempting fate of course, the next 12 months is already promising further success with a strong pipeline of work from our existing customers and a string of assignments from new clients.

We have just produced a fast turn around video trailer for the World Veterinary Association (WVA) 2019 Global Animal Welfare Awards which we will be hosting together with our major patron client, Ceva Santé Animale, the worldwide veterinary health giant that is now a €1 billion company operating in over 40 countries of the world. Good Call Media’s Co-owner, Nik Wood, hosted the highly successful 2017 and 2018 awards in Incheon, South Korea and Barcelona, Spain, respectively and will also be on stage to host the 2019 awards in Costa Rica at the WVA’s annual congress.

Click here to see the video

The project will also involves us filming in five different continents in early 2019, as we gather video assets from each of the winners of the Awards to be shown at the event.

In the UK, our new relationship with the Hall Hunter Partnership will see no less than 15 videos appearing in 2019 as we help the company deal with recruitment following whatever Brexit agreement is eventually signed, if one is signed, of course! The videos have been recorded in various different languages including Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and English and will be used throughout central Europe and the UK to show what working with he Hall Hunter Partnership is like.

We have so enjoyed working with Variety the Children’s Charity in Yorkshire in recent years and their use of video has become increasingly innovative, ranging from appeal videos, highlighting the amazing work they carry out with young people and their parents in the region, to light hearted videos to be shown at various awards ceremonies together with winners videos highlighting amazing work in the Yorkshire property and general business sectors.

We are therefore delighted to have started a new relationship with Variety in London where we partnered with the team on the recent Variety Catherine Awards. We have worked on various appeal videos with the London office but this was the first major event that we have covered and involved uploading winners videos and a general roundup video virtually as the Awards ended at the Marriott Hotel in Central London.

We will also be flying across ‘The Pond’ to New York to work alongside another major partner client, Volition RX, who are doing amazing work to pioneer the development of an accurate, cost effective technique of detecting and predicting a range of cancers using small samples of blood. We already work with Volition in the UK and from their impressive facility in Namur, Belgium, where they are analysing the results of trials held in various areas of the world.

We have worked with the quoted company, XP Power for several years, highlighting their excellent financial performance at interim and full results times during the financial year. That work has also expanded to the production of a series of videos aimed at recruitment in the UK and also the markets of the US and Asia where they manufacture and sell their products. We look forward to working on new assignments with them in 2019 as well as continuing to feature their financial results which are reported through their investors’ website and on further internal and external video reports for the XP group of companies.

Finally our media training capability is being used by more and more companies as they face up to the fact that 80% of all internet traffic will be video based by 2019. Food for thought for many people as we enter into an interesting New Year.

An early but very Happy New Year to you all.