Global filming for 2022 Welfare Awards – a series of dynamic reports

Over the next few weeks we will be running a series of video reports that we recorded across the globe in 2022.

Good Call Media’s, Nik Wood, hosted the           Awards live on stage in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The end of Covid travel restrictions in most regions of the world enabled Good Call Media to film the majority of winners of the 2022 World Veterinary Association (WVA) Global Welfare Awards, sponsored by our major client, Ceva Animal Health.

          The winners of the 2022 Awards

The assignment involved travelling to different countries to work with the winners of the Awards and create colourful and dynamic ‘back-story’ videos highlighting the work of the winners and the reason why they won their award.

We will be showing the winning videos in a series of reports on this website in coming weeks. Good Call Media travelled to
Birmingham Alabama and Texas in the USA to film two winners from that region and then moved to Hannover in Germany and Nantes in France to record the Veterinary College of the year Award and the Welfare Student of the Year and finally Dubai in the UAE to work with the young veterinarian who had won the nomination for Middle East and Africa.

Good Call Media co-owner, Nik Wood, travelled to the WVA’s 37th Annual Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to host the awards live on stage where each of the videos were shown to a packed conference auditorium at the welcome ceremony for the Congress,

Here’s a taster of what is to come…play the video here