2019 Continues At Pace

It’s been an unbelievable first half to the year for Good Call Media – which is why we have hardly had time to update our newsroom!

But news was very much on the agenda for one of our latest projects.

Old fashioned newspaper skills used for modern internet writing

We travelled to Bordeaux to the headquarters of one of our main customers, Ceva, to stage a dynamic training session in writing new stories. Our background as newspaper and broadcast journalists came to the fore when communications ambassadors from Ceva’s 55 offices worldwide to share their skills and learn new ones as the global veterinary health company continues to grow.

Good Call Media’s Co-owner, Nik Wood, said:”We take it for granted that we can easily construct a news story because of our training in journalism but for many people, writing an article for a website or intranet or even a press release can be quite stressful.

“Ceva’s own intranet has expanded so rapidly that they communications ambassadors are expected to write regular articles so we were asked to use our expertise and design an interactive news writing course for this gathering.”

Good Call Media designed a realistic scenario that was played to the audience in video format. They were then challenged to write a news story based on the video in one hour. The winners received an ice cold bottle of champagne at the dinner in a Bordeaux restaurant that evening. Needless to say we were on hand to help them drink it!