It is the most fantastic time of year for soft fruit, punnets everywhere, and until recently at Rodborough School in Witley, Surrey that was certainly true.

They were absolutely delighted when several huge trays of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries turned up for them to use at their after school cookery club. Donated by our client, one of the UK’s largest soft fruit growers, Hall Hunter, the school used the fruit in all kinds of recipes.

“I started the running of the cookery club because I think it is invaluable, it’s a life skill and money isn’t invested within cookery anymore” Jenny from Wild Garlic, who runs the club, told us. “I thought it would be a good idea to start, in my little way, to getting cookery a little bit more on the curriculum.”

For our client Hall Hunter it is vitally important to support the local community and this year they invited a couple of the local schools to have a stall at their annual Open Farm Sunday event.

Rodborough certainly made the most of the opportunity, using all the fruit provided to cook jams, coulis and lots of muffins which they then sold successfully on the day with all the profits going back to the cookery club and helping to improve their kitchen equipment.

Not only were we lucky enough to capture them on the big day as you will have seen in the Open Farm Sunday Film but we we were also lucky enough to film some of the budding chefs in action ahead of the event.

They were a wonderfully energetic group of kids who were absolutely loving what they were doing, appreciating learning to cook and understanding that it could ensure a far healthier future.

Take a look at our latest film where you will see the kids having a lot of culinary fun and also to learn a brilliantly simple recipe for the most tasty white chocolate and raspberry muffins.