World Veterinary Welfare Award Winner – Ghana

In the first of our individual films highlighting the winners of the 2019 World Veterinary Association Global Animal Welfare Awards, we feature the work of:

Dr Anthony Akunzule, Ghana

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Dr. Akunzule has been a champion of animal welfare both in his home country of Ghana and on a global scale. His work spans different species, poultry, ruminants, including beef and dairy cattle, goats and sheep and also companion animals.

In recent years he has pioneered specific welfare programmes for the use of donkeys for agriculture and transport, particularly in Ghana’s northern region. This has involved developing more humane harnesses andcargo carrying methods as well as providing advice on general health and nutrition for working donkeys.



Dr Akunzule receives his award in Costa Rica


He is actively mentoring young vets in Ghana, some of whom struggle to find employment once they have qualified at vet university. His work also influences government policy in Ghana related to animal welfare issues.

Dr. Akunzule is also a veteran of the Pan-African Rinderpest Campaign which worked across Africa to combat the deadly cattle plague known as rinderpest, which was eventually declared eradicated in 2011 – only the second infectious disease to be eradicated globally following that of smallpox in humans.

Speaking about his award, Dr. Akunzule said: “I am happy and honoured to receive this award and I will use it to further the cause of animal welfare both here in Ghana but also worldwide.”