We Are Live!

Yes, we are finally fully live as a new company.

We are immensely proud to formally launch Good Call Media for 2016 and would like to thank our fantastic clients for all their support in forming this new entity.

Good Call Media has been formed from two successful media and communications companies, Nik Wood Communications and Fi Films, and, as this website shows, covers a wide range of corporate communications from hosting live events such as debates, conferences and presentations to generating world class videos for companies and organisations.

Fiona Molloy and Nik Wood on location.

Our heritage lies in the world’s greatest broadcasting network, the BBC, and our experience in this organisation, which has the highest standards of quality and journalism helps us to generate amazing content for our clients.

Based in the UK, we are a truly international business. In the last year we have created videos and hosted live events in many different countries including the USA, Myanmar, Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Spain and Italy, to name just a few.

This website is the result of months of hard work and has been designed following feedback from many different sources, including our clients of course, and shows a cross section of our work and the different sectors that we cover. Our pedigree stems from the BBC’s Business Unit which is highly regarded and trusted by the global financial markets and the businesses that are part of those networks. Having worked on flagship titles such as the ‘Today’ programme on BBC Radio 4, World Service radio and television, ‘Working Lunch’ on BBC 2 and ‘Business Breakfast’ on BBC 1, which helped to set the business news agenda, we have a wealth of knowledge on film making and communications that can help to tell a business story.

Our many clients cover a fascinating cross section of disciplines. Of course, bearing in mind our background, we work closely with numerous FTSE and Aim listed companies, helping to broadcast their story but also to announce specific facts such as interim and full term financial results. We also help business to business organisations and charities who wish to increase funds from donors. Training is another aspect of our business – media training but also presentation training for people who need to communicate their own business story.

We look forward to serving our existing clients and to meeting new people and companies in 2016.

Happy New Year.

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