Supporting Major Product Launch in Mexico

Ceva squareWhen one of our key clients, Ceva Santé Animale, launched its newest vaccine at a major convention in Cancun, Mexico, Good Call Media was there to film the event and our interviews with major Mexican clients, shot in advance of the launch were also used during the conference.


Ceva Corporate Swine Range Manager, Philippe Mazerolles, addressing the Convention.

ceva-velora-1In the run up to the Convention, we worked closely with the Ceva Mexico team to line up three major producers who had already used the new swine product, Valora, on their animals and the detailed and positive feedback they were able to provide on camera were used on Ceva social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, click here to see the interviews.

Valora is a vaccine for pigs against boar taint which is an aroma that can affect male pigs that have not been castrated. The smell can impact on the pig meat when it is being eaten by consumers. Mexico is the first country to grant a license for the innovative new product.dsc02385
Speaking at opening of the conference, Jean Charles Tissot, Ceva’s Regional Director for Latin America, Jean Charles Tissot, said: “By using vaccines like this we can reduce stress in pigs from surgical castration and improve animal welfare as well as improving yields for pig producers.”

More than 80 clients gathered at the Cancun hotel for the event, which also included presentations from leading academics who had been involved in laboratory and farm trials.


Gala dinner at the Cancun hotel.

Valora utilises an immune response to neutralise the endogenous LHRH (GnRH) in pigs and is an innovative alternative to surgical castration as well as bringing about better feed efficiency, therefore improving the performance for pig producers.

Other Latin American countries have already applied for licenses for Valora and Ceva will then start to roll out the vaccine to other parts of the world. The benefits for animal welfare involved with using the product underline the company”s pledge to work “Together