The living wage, our relationship with the rest of Europe, seasonal workers, planning; there are no end of issues that need to be discussed and considered when it comes to the future of agriculture in this country. After our successful formula of hosting and filming the European debate for farmers at Agri Expo 2016 we were brought in again by leading UK public relations firm, Coast Communications, to host and film a discussion on the future of farming for their client AC Goatham & Son; a large, family run, fruit growing company in the South East.

It turned out to be a highly constructive and worthwhile evening bringing together experts, stakeholders, decision and policy makers; providing a chance to reflect and discuss the pressures and changes facing the industry. As well as a fantastic turnout Nik Wood’s expertise as Master of Ceremonies ensured a lively, focused discussion and as all the issues are ongoing the two films produced and edited from the event are proving to be incredibly valuable getting great video views across websites and social media.

To see the video of the event click here and interviews with the speakers.