‘How To’ Videos A Hit

‘How To’ videos can be really useful when you have a database or you just want people to know how to use something you are involved with.

Let’s be honest, whether you are making roast chicken and looking for a recipe or carrying out a building project, where do most people look these days – YouTube of course!

So we were pleased when an existing client, Brussels-based Discontools, DISease CONtrol TOOLS, decided to ask us to step in to make a series of four videos explaining how their site is best used for research and knowledge on things such as health and zoonoses (diseases that can occur in animals and humans).

We had already made them a colourful and dynamic overview video (see below or click here) complete with innovative graphics so it was great to be instructed on further work for this organisation that connects with many leading research groups. Watch out for the release of the ‘How To’ videos very soon and if you need something like this, well we don’t need to tell you “How To’ get in touch, it’s all in our Contact section on this website.

Here’s the overview video: