Gamechanger – South Bank

Our continuing expertise in the property market is highlighted by a series of videos we’ve developed known as The Gamechangers

Good Call Media Co-owner, Fiona Molloy – increasing property expertise

“The videos are based on projects in the Yorkshire region, which is seen as a consistent hot spot for property development and investment despite Brexit. Investment from overseas has been coming into the region, fuelling the property market as London continues to remain overheated,” said Good Call Media Co-owner, Fiona Molloy who has masterminded the series on behalf of Variety the Children’s Charity, which stages the annual Yorkshire Property Awards.

“We are increasingly seeing major property developers and even smaller builders working with companies like ours to produce high quality videos that don’t just look good but tell the story behind the project,” said Fiona. “What makes us attractive to these clients is our background as BBC journalists.”

In the first of our series of three videos featuring projects from The Gamechangers, we highlight the award winning South Bank project in Leeds, which won an award at the Yorkshire Property Awards in front of 1000 people at a glittering ceremony at Rudding Park near Harrogate, Yorkshire. The video also features footage from Good Call Media’s own camera drone which is capable of recording high definition 4K images which are particularly effective when dealing with property projects.