Filming New Multi Million Pound Facility

Filming in the state of the art control room

We’ve just completed filming the amazing new NBIF (National Buried Infrastructure Facility) at University of Birmingham, which is unique in the world and led to a very cool Linked In posting by Nikolaos Venetsaneas, who is Business Engagement Manager at the University.

Just click on the logo below to see the post:

Here’s what they said about us:

World leading facility

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of recording a video with Good Call Media at the National Buried Infrastructure Facility (#NBIF_UK) to showcase the cutting-edge MTS Systems Corporation equipment and capabilities available within the facility.
(We even had the opportunity to unbox ‘Big Bertha’ : our
largest 200-tonne actuator!).🙂

The aim is to share our expertise, advanced technologies, and groundbreaking solutions globally with industry stakeholders and markets, giving NBIF unparalleled international reach and visibility.

Fiona filming on the moving floor

A big thanks to:
*Good Call Media team (Fiona Molloy, Nik Wood)
*MTS Systems Corporation team (Paul Hold, Paul Lehman, Garth Su PhD MBA)
* #NBIF_UK team (Nicole Metje, Asaad Faramarzi, Kieran Hansard, Christopher Harbutt, Ethan Ashton, Scott Hockell)



We say – “a big thanks Nik”.