Consider Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies are a fantastic way to use online video and you can also use the content in your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

We began our relationship with JEOL by visiting their manufacturing facilities in Japan to film their state of the art factories that produce high end  scientific and metrology instruments, semiconductor , industrial and medical equipment. It was a steep learning curve for us but we soon realised that there was a real story to be told about their push into the European markets against tough competition from competitors in countries such as Germany.

We advised JEOL that the greatest advocate for their products are the people who buy it and use it – in Europe that includes some of the region’s most highly respected universities but also industrial customers too.

So we were commissioned to go on the road with JEOL teams and speak to some of their biggest customers about their decision to buy JEOL
equipment and, very important, their experience of using that equipment – in this case, highly technical spectrometers in a field known as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

The results were amazing, and even JEOL’s biggest customers were happy to talk on camera about their positive experiences and highlighted the quality of equipment, the ease of using its software and the excellent on-site training and follow up maintenance that was included as part of the package.

As we always say at Good Call Media – a short video testimony is worth a thousand written words but don’t take out word for it, take a look at the first customer in the Czech Republic to opt for JEOL’s NMR equipment.

Interview – First JEOL NMR in Czech Republic from JEOL EUROPE on Vimeo.