Beautiful New Zealand Our Latest Location

We had no problems accepting our latest assignment – filming in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand.

The subject is a series of films promoting the 2020 World Veterinary Association Congress which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in April 2020. The event will also feature the Global Welfare Awards, sponsored by our client, Ceva Animal Health, which we support, film and host on stage.

This year we are producing a series of short video trailers for social media and the WVA website promoting both the main Congress and the Welfare Awards. The videos will run on a regular basis throughout the Autumn of 2019 and early in 2020.

These trailers have been shown to generate increased interest in  events and they also encourage delegates to register earlier.The 2020 World Veterinary Association Congress will be held 6-8 April, 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. It will be the 36th edition of the Association’s Congress and will be hosted in conjunction with the highly successful NZVA Annual Conference.

The World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC) 2020 will bring veterinarians from all over the world to Auckland to share ideas, learn and to have fun. The congress will explore and seek solutions to some of the biggest animal health and welfare challenges   facing all species in the fast changing world in which we live today.

The Aotea Centre in Auckland which will be one of the main venues for the 2020 Congress

The WVAC 2020 programme will focus primarily on clinical veterinary medicine, veterinary public health, animal welfare and academic research across all domestic species.  Other topics to be covered include companion animal nursing, large animal veterinary technicians and equine veterinary nursing.

Speakers from around the world will discuss topical issues such as advances in veterinary medicine, and will explore new horizons in the treatment and prevention of animal disease. The congress will incorporate the Global One Heath Summit, which will showcase speakers from international organisations including the OIE, FAO and WHO. It will also include what promises to be an inspiring and enlightening Global Seminar on Animal Welfare.

Auckland’s excellent conference facilities and outstanding restaurants and bars will ensure the social aspects of the conference do not disappoint.